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Ignite Internet - Can't Connect to Work VPN

I've been around

Hi there,
Can someone please help me. I recently switched to Ignite Rogers and all of a sudden my work laptop will not connect to my work VPN anymore. I’ve called rogers many times and they say they don’t deal with VPN issues. I don’t know what to do as I have to work from home everyday and I cannot get my laptop connected to my work VPN.


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Re: Ignite Internet - Can't Connect to Work VPN

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@AoAlex  Did you switch from Bell (or some other service provider) or did you migrate from legacy Rogers Internet to Ignite?


Lots of people are using VPNs with Ignite Internet but the underlying protocols used by some VPN clients don't play nicely with some IPv4 firewalls... or they work fine when you have one active VPN session but not multiple active VPN sessions.


Please also check whether you have Advanced Security enabled... and if it is, try disabling it.

Re: Ignite Internet - Can't Connect to Work VPN

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I run VPN day in and day out, both Cisco and forticlient to clients with no problems whatsoever so ever.

Re: Ignite Internet - Can't Connect to Work VPN

I've been around

I've recently seen 2 different issues related to running VPN over Rogers Ignite.  1) Rogers modem used network address make sure the VPN Gateway network address is not same (as your IT) 2) In your Rogers Ignite, they disable the "High Security" mode, wait 30min then reboot your Rogers modem.  Hope it helps.

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