Hitron CGN Connection Failure

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Hitron CGN Connection Failure

Hi there,

Any help appreciated. We have a Hitron CGN wireless box but it just won't connect to the internet.

I've turned it off, reset it, plugged it in elsewhere, taken out the cable and reattached the cable and nothing makes it work.

Any one have any ideas? Please help!




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Re: Hitron CGN Connection Failure

@Christieburton if the top LED at the front of the modem lights up, then the modem has power. 


If the next LED down, which is the Downstream indicator, is blinking, that indicates that the modem is looking for a downstream frequency, 


If that Downstream LED is on, steady, then the modem has located and locked onto a Downstream frequency. 


If that Downstream LED is blue, then the modem is using a channel bonding scheme for higher data rates.


If that Downstream LED is off, then there is no downstream activity on the cable.


The same scheme is used for the third from the top LED, which is the upstream LED.  


Ok, so, if the modem powers up, but, the second (downstream) LED, and/or third (upstream) LED continues to flash, or its off, call tech support and ask the Customer Support Rep to run a signal check on the modem.  It should fail automatically.  The tech should then look at neighbouring modems in the area to see if there is an area problem.  If the issue is just with your modem, the tech should arrange for a tech visit as early as possible. 


When you're speaking with the tech, ask specifically if your immediate neighbours are also affected, and the neighbours beyond the local tap, which connects you and your immediate neighbours to the network.