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Google Home Mini

Having problems setting up a Google home mini with a Hitron Coda Modem.

I keep getting a message that the google home mini and my iPad or iPhone cannot communicate with each other and the problem lies within the modem.

Troubleshoot is to  disable access isolation and enable UPnP.

 I cannot find disable access isolation however other troubleshooting said to turn off the guest network which is already off. UPnP is already enabled.

I am not using a wifi extender and have a secure home connection.

Has anyone had this issue and can tell me the fix?

Thank you


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Re: Google Home Mini

Hey Steph222!


Setting up a Google Mini for home automation is super awesome :). We'll do what we can to assist in getting this issue with connectivity sorted out for you. 


Can you confirm for me if you've had issues connecting any other devices?

Have you attempted to disable IPv4 on the modem to see if this resolves connectivity issues?

Are you attempting to connect it with your 2.4ghz or 5Ghz network?

Are you able to see the device connected to the modem via status=>basic=>show devices, but unable to connect it via the Google Home app?





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Re: Google Home Mini

I've got the same issue. I am trying to connect to a 5Ghz
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Re: Google Home Mini

Hey @Markpsreid,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and thanks for your first post! 🙂


Utilizing the 5G network is usually the best option! Is the phone or tablet that you have the Google Home app installed on also connected to the 5G network? If so, have you tried to clear your app cache for the Google Home app and Uninstall/Reinstall it?


Also, have you tried any of the troubleshooting steps that Andy mentioned above?


Please let us know how you make out!