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Have to reset modem daily, problem persists despite tech visit

I've been around

Have Rogers Ignite 500. For what we need it for (streaming, basic internet stuff, Zoom meetings, Rogers home monitoring) it has worked well in general. 


The past 10 days have had daily network outages typically between 5-730 pm, requiring us to reset the modem daily. Was most pronounced super bowl sunday during the game, not surprising I guess.  Once I reset the modem, the connection seems to be fine getting speeds matching  what we are paying for.  However, the network keeps dropping daily requiring a reset.  


A technician came and replaced various connections etc. , but the problem persists. After contacting Rogers again today, I now need to book a Rogers technician (I didn't realize the first was a contracted technician).


What sorts of things should I be asking the Rogers technician to do/check/replace to best ensure I don't have to take yet another day off work to wait for a technician ?



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Re: Have to reset modem daily, problem persists despite tech visit


Hello, @peacefrogdog.


Thank you for posting your concern, and welcome to our Community.


Having a service interruption daily in the evenings can be inconvenient. I can understand how frustrating it can be to reset the modem daily. It's great to hear that the technician came and replaced various components, but it's disappointing that the problem persists.


Certain issues may require additional tech visits, as isolating the root cause of the problem may be challenging. I look forward to seeing the following tech visit results in the problem resolution.


Please keep us posted.



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