Feedback - Rogers faster than Bell for me

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Feedback - Rogers faster than Bell for me

In my neighbourhood we don't have Fibe yet.  Bell is still laying the lines last year and this year.  I was getting 25/10 but usually received 30/2.5


Just switched over to Rogers Ignite and now I'm receiving 96/14


Thank you Rogers.


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Re: Feedback - Rogers faster than Bell for me

You always have to compare what is available in  your area, and what your needs are.
Bell, rogers may not even be the best choices.    But do all your research.

Me for example, only a tiny portion of town has bell fibe available.   Maxes at 50mbps.
As for even regular bell, they can only provide 5mbps 😞

Rogers on the other hand, I am able to get 500mbps.