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Uneven distribution of speed between wired devices

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I have a few devices wired directly to my modem but have been recently experiencing an issue where if one device is streaming a video, my computer or other devices slows to a crawl where even the most basic functions like loading a website take a considerable amount of time. My current plan is Ignite 75u but I'm assuming this should be sufficient between 2-3 people and shouldn't have such a big impact on another person when only one person is streaming. Can anyone provide any insight or solutions on this matter?





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Re: Uneven distribution of speed between wired devices

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There really is no QoS (quality of service) or any sort of load balancing on any of these equipment.  Even a lot of 3rd party routers on have the bare minimum of it.  
So there is/would be no guarantee of one taking more than another.  If one thing is streaming more, first, it could choke out the other.

That being said.. streaming video on one, shouldnt take up all of it.
Even on a much higher stream, like 4k, would then maybe only take up 25mbps or so?

So should be ample left.

What are your speeds like?  Nothing else really running, are you able to do a speed test on the wired, and what speeds are  you getting?
Perhaps your not getting the full 75mbps that you should be.

Re: Uneven distribution of speed between wired devices

I've Been Here Awhile
With nothing else running I'm getting 75mbps and sometimes higher up to 90mbps. But during the slow down, I'm getting under 10mbps on my computer

Re: Uneven distribution of speed between wired devices

@Makino if you have a bandwidth hog on your network, you will probably have to look at buying a router with effective QOS and bandwidth control.  Here's a reference to an add-on for Asus routers running Merlin's Asuswrt, which is a modfied and upgraded version of the original Asus firmware.  The add-on was developed by an Asus user to address the same issue that you're facing.


So, with Adaptive QOS running and Fresh JR's add-on loaded, that gives the user far more control over assigning priorities to the the type of traffic that you're running thru the router.  


This is just one example of routers that accommodate this.  You would need to do some research to determine what routers offer adaptive QOS which gives the end user control over the assigned traffic priority and the bandwidth that each traffic type is allowed. 


One item that you could look at is the bandwidth that the streaming video is taking.  It its a Netflix stream, you can select the maximum bandwidth that is allowed by logging into the Netflix account and changing the allowed bandwidth.  In the case of a smart tv, take a look to determine if there is a user selectable setting on the tv to limit the maximum bandwidth that it might take.  That might be seen as a resolution setting, not a bandwidth setting.  

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