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Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

I've been around

I recently upgraded from separate Rogers Internet and TV services. The new Ignite TV and Internet services are bundled into an integrated package. During the update process I lost access to my Rogers Yahoo email account for about 8 hrs, until I reported the problem and got it (mostly) solved via online Chat.


Turns out that the transfer from one service to the other was not automatic. I had to take the initiative to cancel my previous Internet service in order to return the old modem and no longer be charged for the rental. Unbeknownst to me, that action also cancelled my email address which mysteriously remained attached to the old service. Hours later I discovered this fact when I could no longer send or receive emails. I used Online Chat and the agent initially told me what had happened and that he/she would raise a support ticket on my behalf to get the email account properly transferred to the new Ignite Internet service, and that I should have my email back within 48 hrs. I said this was unacceptable and after some digging he/she was able to get my email account reactivated using Rogers Webmail.


However, my iOS based mail apps were no longer working. The agent very dismissively pointed the finger to Apple and said it was my/their problem, not a Rogers problem. The agent then arbitrarily ended the Chat session.


In the end I was finally able to get the iOS mail service reconnected but had absolutely no help from Rogers to do so. Notably, the Rogers website has all kinds of support information about how to set up and use an iOS email service with a Rogers Yahoo email account. In this case, suddenly, they provided no support.


Moral of the story: if you upgrade from the legacy Rogers Internet service to the Rogers TV/Internet integrated service you can expect to have email issues. There was no indication that my experience was unique. It seems to simply be a gap in their service transfer procedures.


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Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Yes This is true.

In the back end, they are completely different internet packages so your not really "upgrading" to ignite, your Cancelling your legacy Internet And/or TV and signing up with a New Product offering called ignite which can have TV and Internet together as one service, or just standalone internet.

Think of it as cancelling one service and going to another, you will lose your email but they dont tell you this, i guess the head honchos just want their reps to tell the benefits of switching and take upon the issues on a case by case basis

im glad u were able to transfer your email over

Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Myself, made the switch on the first week Ignite was available.
And 3 other family members have switched so far, as well as a few friends.

None of them have lost any email access at all, it was switched over properly.

Not saying that it CANT happen, obviously can in some cases.

My guess its more in HOW the person is processing the change in the system.
Not knowing the back end process I can only guess, but possibly did the change in the WRONG way where the email didnt move when it should.

Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

I've been around

This is March 2023 and I have the same exact problem described in Oct 2021.  Rogers could not transfer my home phone from legacy to Ingite.  I've had an open support case with Rogers for over 7 business day, and they still can't tell me when my phone number will transfer.  

Also, this morning they cancelled my old highspeed internet & I've lost access to all the email connected to my old account.  After a 2 hour wait on chat, the agent opened a case with the 'backoffice' and said it could take 24 hrs to get our email back.

This is not how Rogers advertises the switch to Ingite.  So be very careful

is considering switching to Ignite.


Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

Today = March 18, 2023

I feel your pain.

On March 12, I called to upgrade from my legacy Rogers bundle to an Ignite bundle. The rep I was talking to did it ALL wrong. He did NOT set up a migration plan to seamlessly transfer my home phone # and email accounts to the new bundle. This caused the following ripple affects after the March 15th install:

1) He created an unsolicited new mobile account! Not sure what that was about. Borders on shady. Anyway, I'm with Bell. The bogus account was cancelled retroactively during a 3-hour call to Rogers on March 16.

2) I ended up with BOTH bundles active simultaneously! The old one is now cancelled during same call to Rogers on March 16.

3) My old home phone # was NOT transferred to the new home phone, which had a new #. Now working after same call to Rogers on March 16. Meanwhile, I was without a "known" # for 24 hours, so nobody could call in.

4) Yesterday, March 17, my mail access disappeared, presumably because they cancelled my old bundle yesterday and DID NOT port my mail over to the new bundle. I called Rogers @ 2PM yesterday and the rep created a ticket for the "back office" team and took my cell phone # so I could get text updates on the ticket. 24 hours later and only crickets so far... I had that email for over 20 years. If they destroy it, I will be royally . ...maybe even enough to toss all this brand new equipment and go to Bell.


Bottom line: ensure the rep you're talking to is creating a migration plan if you are upgrading service. Apparently, this plan takes 3 days to process. Your install date should be at least 3 days from your initial order request. I mean, mine was, but you can't fix stupid. The rep just royally screwed everything up.

Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

I am so frustrated with Rogers! I have spent hours, HOURS, trying to solve my email account loss when they migrated me to Ignite 2 days ago (Sept 2023). I cannot login to my email at all still. This email account is critical to me. It’s been 36 hrs since my most recent communication with an agent. What ineptness! And that wasn’t the only SNAFU, but that’s a whole other message. Beware!!!!!!

Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

I'm here a lot

Update from earlier post: I finally got access to my Rogers Yahoo email three days later after chatting, on 4 separate occasions, to Rogers agents. The last one fixed it (after being on a chat for over an hour). This came 3 days after my access disappeared. But now, my Yahoo calendars will not sync to my Windows calendar app. I've tried everything recommended under the sun - deleting calendars, deleting mail app, re-adding, sync controls etc.  Rogers says this isn't their problem and to get help through Yahoo. This was obviously caused by the migration to Ignite. A huge headache. I wished I had read these cautionary posts before agreeing to switch over. Terrible customer service.

PS Correction to earlier post: at that point it had been 36 hours since I lost my email, not since my most recent communication. All told, I spent over 10 hours online with Rogers to switch my account to Ignite and deal with the fall-out over my Yahoo email not being transferred too. ROGERS - DO YOU READ THESE POSTS??????

Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

Good morning @jtakata!


Yes, we do read each and every post that lands here on the forums.


If you're having problems with your calendar, that would fall outside of our typical scope of support. I am sorry.




Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

Thank you for replying Rogers Corey. The frustration is that clearly Rogers did not perform the migration properly. That was an admission to me by two agents. Surely losing your email - and not being warned about that - is not supposed to be part of the process! And I seem far from being the only one. The problem with my calendar - a calendar attached to my Rogers Yahoo service - is a problem of accessing my Rogers Yahoo account, which IS a Rogers matter. And was a problem caused by the migration to Ignite.

Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

I've been here awhile

Yeah, my email stopped too.  First with Outlook 2013 and now even webmail.

Re: Email problem transferring to Ignite Internet

I've been here awhile

Yeah, my email stopped too. First with Outlook 2013 and now even webmail.


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