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DHCP Issues in the Past Week

I plan to stick around

I've been dealing with massive DHCP issues in the past week, using the CODA 4582 router, most new devices I connect have issues where I can't reach certain sites, my xbox gives me a DHCP error, and my router stopped working with a DHCP error

This goes away if I reboot the modem and everything works fine for the day then by the next morning I have all the issues again.


What can be causing this? I've swapped 2 modems in the past 4 days(so 3 modems overall) and all 3 had the issue. I stopped using the router and still have problems, on my 2nd phone that uses just wifi even tiktok is unreachable because of this issue.


I've never had to deal with this before but it's getting extremely frustrating




I should say I have a tech coming by tomorrow but most of the time they just add a thing to my cable and leave, I hope they take this problem seriously, most of the time it feels like they do a band aid fix and are eager to leave




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Re: DHCP Issues in the Past Week

I plan to stick around
Just circling issues seems to have gone away since firmware update...

Maybe for those who are experiencing same issue...check firmware verison and see if this applies to your modem?

Re: DHCP Issues in the Past Week

I had some issues the day of the firmware update, but a power-cycle later and the past 10 days have been entirely uneventful.

Re: DHCP Issues in the Past Week

Greetings @Syphen!


I'd like to look into this further for you and do some additional troubleshooting.


Feel free to send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, you can find out more here.  




Re: DHCP Issues in the Past Week

I've been here awhile
Hi, I believe I’m having the same trouble as described! I was away on vacation when the update happened, for over a month now my doorbell camera isn’t able to pair up with my network, I’ve tried a new camera and same issue! My iPhone says to enable local network and this always on, even tried my wife’s iPhone, same issue!!! This is really frustrating!!! I’m using a Hitron modem, any ideas!?

Re: DHCP Issues in the Past Week

I plan to stick around
Putting my router in bridge mode helped fix the issue briefly however the error just happened again, so that's not a real fix.

This is a Rogers problem

Also the technician that came with me was arguing how ISP dchp is not a Rogers problem, despite it clearly stating ISP...which I have no control over

I'm ready to dump Rogers

Re: DHCP Issues in the Past Week

I’ve had three outages in the past two weeks, all with a flashing green light on the modem. As far as I can tell, the modem isn’t losing sync, but is still losing its connection. What’s causing this?

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