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Change your compromised passwords alert from GOOGLE to my ROGERS email address

I Plan to Stick Around

Your Google Account is still secure. This leak came from somewhere else on the web, and you can secure your saved passwords now using Password Manager.

Change your compromised passwords


(There is the "g" but I removed my specific address)


I only saw this email because mail is forwarded from the ISP account to my main google/gmail account. As far as I know the only connection of this ISP address to GOOGLE is with the forwarding that I referenced above....that's it. The password for the ISP address was created and maintained only in a password manager.

Thinking back. occasionally I get emails to this ISP address from google eg changes of TOS and again I don't know why.


I was thinking that someone else is mistakenly using this/my rogers address as a some kind of "recovery" address for their google account (but there is no reference to the specific gmail address in alert email message in question).


And doing some reading it seems one can create a google account from any address including a rogers account. (Although I am not sure how that works). But IF this is true than how will I be ever able to solve the problem??


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Re: Change your compromised passwords alert from GOOGLE to my ROGERS email address


Good day @21Rouge,


Thanks for your post! I understand your concern pertaining to the notification you received. Be careful because this email could very well be a phishing attempt and we cannot tell you from the information you shared whether it is legitimate or not


A while back, Google added a feature to its Chrome web browser that will alert users if their login credentials have been compromised in a security breach.  Is your Rogers email installed on an Android device? 


Chrome users who store their passwords in the browser’s built-in password managercan check if their passwords have been compromised by going to Settings > Passwords > Check passwords > Check Now, or automatically after logging into websites.


You can find out if passwords in your Google Account may have been exposed, are weak, or are used in multiple accounts. Then, you can change any unsafe passwords to keep your accounts more secure.

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Select Check passwords. You might need to sign in.
  3. Follow the next steps.

Hope this helps!



Re: Change your compromised passwords alert from GOOGLE to my ROGERS email address

I Plan to Stick Around

It sounds like a phishing email.


Is there a link in the email that brings you to a login page that looks like Rogers web page or Google web page?  If there is, copy and paste the whole address here.

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