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I plan to stick around

Im on Gigabit Internet and have had no issues with the connection for years now. I realize 1gb D/L is probably actually 75% of that, but its been working well ( except i've lost my 2.4 ghz wifi ),  but the 5ghz is fine. As a gamer most connections are wired.  I got an email saying my modem is outdated and I should update, but its working fine. Im in an apartment bldg and its coax. So my ?? is , are there any benefits to upgrading my modem to something I probably wont see any benefits from.  Equipment is all 10/100/1000 , would the 1.5 increase my speed?



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Resident Expert

@Bilko wrote:

Equipment is all 10/100/1000 , would the 1.5 increase my speed?

With Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, your download speeds will still top out at around 940 Mb/s.


With the 1.5 Gigabit service, I have measured download speeds exceeding 1.8 Gb/s using a 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet card and over Wi-Fi 6E at close range.  The 1.5 Gig service will also provide your household with more aggregate bandwidth to multiple active devices.  However, if you only have DOCSIS (cable) Internet in your area, Ignite Internet will still use the same underlying technology, and you probably will not notice any difference in network performance or network responsiveness.

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