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Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I plan to stick around

Our family just joined Rogers Ignite TV and, since it is the Season, here is a Wish List in hopes that the Rogers elves are listening.  Others please feel free to add your own wishes to this thread.


1. Rogers Ignite TV PVR "This Timeslot Only" option.  Without this important option many duplicate shows are recorded even if you choose "New Only".  Yes, you can delete the duplicates and, yes, everything is now stored in the "cloud" but it is still annoying.


2. Rogers Ignite Internet true Guest network for internet access.  Without a true Guest network we need to give guests our wifi password.  Yes, we can designate a "profile" for guests but we still prefer a separate login and password for anyone other than our family.


3. Rogers Ignite TV more enhanced search.  My family used to enjoy searching a certain actor or celebrity and it would not only show movies On Demand but also if that person was appearing on SNL on the weekend and ready to record it.  The information exists for a much richer search experience.


We will add to this list as we discover more.  The cookies and milk are out but can't say whether we have been naughty or nice...


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Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I plan to stick around

While viewing the guide have a small screen in the corner displaying the current program being watched.


While FF/RW/pause/play a program have the info bar less intrusive (not taking up half the screen) 

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I'm an advisor

Do not search the Unsubscribed services. If I do not subscribed to netflix and/or prime video do not show me the search results.

Or allow a setting as to what to search.


110% agree with number 1

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I plan to stick around
Let us reprogram the skip ahead back to 3 minutes. What programs have 5 minutes commercials?

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Here's a post on reprogramming the skip time and using the voice command:


I'm not sure but you might be able to key in say 0180 for 3 minutes, but I don't have Ignite to test.

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I've been here awhile

Get rid of the darn screen time out!!! I want the option to turn this off - not set it to 5 hours max.

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I plan to stick around

1) Make the Ignite remote work properly with a Hisense TV.  Can turn on my tv but not off unless I actually press the tv button instead of the all power button.

2)  Change the low battery in the remote warning  to 10% seems crazy to have it at 25% and promote people to needlessly change the batteries

3) fix the ff/rew  mode (it's bad  how that works compared to the "older" technology)

4) Check the Amazon app, I've been kicked out a few times to live tv with no error message

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

Hello, @Kromtara.


Thank you for initiating this wish list thread! 


Community - Keep them coming, and we will pass them along to the product team for the review. 



Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I'm a reliable contributor

Fix the sound issue!  I'm sick of lowering the volume down for live tv and raising it for recorded shows!  Very close to letting the tech come and pick up all this equipment and give up on cable all together!

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I'm an advisor

Thnx square. ..


Wow I am glad someone else is also having this problem. I have reported it to no avail.


Fix the volume problem. Forget anything else just fix this FIRST! 

Re: Rogers Ignite TV Wish List

I am really fed up talking into the remote to skip ahead 3 minutes if it understands you, I feel like I am constantly

talking into the remote every 3 minutes (seems shows are only on 3 minutes until there is a commercial) 

to skip ahead 3 minutes .

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