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Landline and TV cord cuttin' ...

I never could have imagined I would be thinking this, but I am.  It looks like everyone dropped their landlines in the last five years in huge numbers, and now I'm going to be left holding the bag.Now, cord cutters are cutting cable TV.  They ruined ...

DominicB by I plan to stick around
  • 12 replies

Can this cable signal amplifier be used for anything?

I have a couple of these amplifiers kicking around and wanted to know if they can be used for Satellite or over the air (OTA) HDTV.   If not, for what applications are these amps still good for? I don't think I can't use them on Rogers Cable anymore ...

Radio-Shack-Tvvcrfm-Signal-Amplifier-15-1118X-_57.jpg Radio-Shack-Tvvcrfm-Signal-Amplifier-15-1118X.jpg
Alex4161 by I'm a senior contributor
  • 1 replies

Sharing my experience

I would like to add an example to illustrate why one might feel forced to pay near or more than 1000 dollars, based on promises ROGER's made regarding their product and service; First it starts with a service not working or not available at another c...

Eudora not receiving

I am using Eudora, and have been for some time. As of Feb. 1, 2017, I got a message saying that Certificate was invalid. I have had the problem before and proceded to apply the fix of telling Eudora to trust the Certificate. I did this for bo...

Happy New Year 2017

A Happy New Year to all the moderators, RE's, and members of the board. It has been a pleasure over the last year to be able to get assistance for my own problems and directions on how to move forward on more difficult items, and to provide the same ...

BS by I'm a senior advisor
  • 2 replies

News Letter E-blast

Can anyone recomend a program used to send out Newsletter to a group (Club Members) ? ThanksBernie2

Bernie2 by I've been around
  • 4 replies

Pictures from WWE NXT Takeover Toronto!.

Hey everyone!   So as the winner of the WWE NXT Takeover Toronto tickets from Rogers. (PPV Contest!)  i took some videos and images of the arena and the event!   Enjoy    

IMG_0269.JPG IMG_0320.JPG IMG_0242.JPG IMG_0256.JPG
Meowmix by I'm a trusted advisor
  • 4 replies

Resolved! Big Telcos

2016-09-20  What does this news today mean for Bell, Telus and Rogers? Big telcos must provide small ISPs access to their fibre networks, says CRTC.  Bell Canada launched unsuccessful appeals to both the federal cabinet and the CRTC People are discus...

User14 by I'm a trusted contributor
  • 35 replies

What's up with rogers losing all it's perks?

Lately rogers seems to be losing a lot of small perks that long time customers enjoy. NHL gamecentre is gone from promotions, Shomi is being shut down, points system done? Has anyone heard of anything new being added to the rogers system? Bit disappo...

An alternative to Navigatr?

I just came across this interesting news item.   Granted, it's FCC in the States, but maybe it will happen in Canada too. If you had a Smart TV or an Android box, ore a number o...

OLDYELLR by I'm a senior advisor
  • 15 replies

General Wrestling Discussion

I figured it's a bit overdue for a thread like this. So let's go nuts!   Whether it is praise, anger, happiness, joy, or sorrow; and any company whether it be WWE, TNA, ROH, NJPW, the indies; and whether it is classic stuff or new stuff, whatever you...

Taking a break from the Community

For the group who know me through my posts, I am going to be departing for a while to work with some important health and treatment issues.   I will be back, and I cross my fingers and hope that when I get back to watching TV that much, and come back...

BS by I'm a senior advisor
  • 3 replies

Change In Status

Hello folks.   So as of Monday my status with Rogers is changing. The entire time I have been a member here I was in Consolidated Customer Care, handling wireless, home phone, cable and internet. As of Monday I am switching to Business MSD, which dea...

Daylight Savings Time Issue with calendar entries

When people send me clanedar invites cerated in Outlook, and I open them in my email (Rogers email account), during daylight savings they always go in 1 hour ahead. Eg there is a meeting at 4pm and my Rogers calendar shows it as 5 pm.  It syncs with ...

microys by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies