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Samsung Gear S2!

Guys! Guysss!! GUYYSSS!!!!   I am super excited. Samsung Gear S2 announced. o__o   And it is awesome!   Also, It works with Other Android Phones as well! (Not all but this is better than Samsung Only right?)

Midland Curling Club

As a member of the Marketing Committee at the Midland Curling Club, I am interested in opportunities to bring Rogers to our club, and in turn create visibility for the sport and our club in the surrounding communities.   In particular, and unique to ...

OnHub - Just another router Or---?

  Hello, @Community   I was doing some reading and bumped on to something interesting, thought I should share it. Have you heard about OnHub yet?   Specs are interesting, check it out. Most likely our REs - @VivienM, @Gdkitty and @Datalink will not ...

Question for a Gamer and Movie Watcher... O__o

Okay okay okay...   Warning... This Whole thing has to do with Last of Us Game and The Maze Runner Sequel. It has spoilers. Infact this whole topic is filled with spoilers.     Click here for details So I have played Last of Us Epic Game. Amazing sto...

WWE Summerslam

So, WWE Summerslam is coming up soon, and free for all of us lucky enough to have the network.   I know we have some fans here. Who's excited?

Resolved! Looking for help with a song

I hope somebody can help me out.  On Rogers channel 001, they have an ad for HBO Canada, which includes a song playing over it.  I can't figure out who it is and it's driving me nuts.  The voice sounds familiar, but I can figure out who it is.  I've ...

WWE Network in Japan

On Saturday, July 4, at 5:30am EDT, the WWE Network is showing a 2 hour event from Japan. Several WWE stars will be there, including Brock Lesnar and the NXT champion, Kevin Owens. I'll be watching, but not live, so have set it up to record.

jimboden by I'm an advisor
  • 28 replies

Xbox Gamer Tag Issue

Hey guys,   I thought I'd ask here and see if anyone knows a resolution.   I haven't played on Xbox for a long time... was mostly PS3 Fan. I don't have any of the new Gen Consoles (yet).   so Xbox360 it is...   My gamertag is what I have the issue wi...

Best WWE Matches and Rivalries?

Well, now that a week or so has passed since the WWE Net Pak has launched, has anyone found some really good old matches yet?   If so, what is it and what’s your personal favorite?   Myself, anything Macho Man.  The early days of his iconic entrance ...

RogersDarrell by Community Manager (Retired)
  • 11 replies

Okay.. Blue Jays... Let's Play Ball

Okay Blue Jays, let's play ball.... The All-Star break is quickly approaching. After a slow start the Toronto Blue Jays have quickly turned the season around. The bats are making some serious noise, leading the league in runs and the starting rotatio...

andymo03 by Rogers Employee
  • 13 replies

DVD vs Bluray vs Streaming/Digital Download

Just curious on what everyones opinions/what they used were?Myself.. have always been a computer/digital person for a long time.. i have PC videos going back to REAL AUDIO file days Now a days, there are ALOT of choices for 'digital versions' from i...

Gdkitty by Resident Expert
  • 10 replies

how do you send a message to @CommunityHelps ??

Trying to find a link to send information to update our useless Hitron modem and I seen that you should message @CommunityHelps, now is this part of a Twitter handle or is it an email address?  Any help with this newb would be appreciated as I'm deal...