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On-line removal of virus

I've been here awhile

Several years ago I was able to contact Rogers' TechXpert and they would "do-something-that-lasted-a-few-hours" and remove any suspected viruses from this computer.  But then things changed there and I no longer qualified to receive such services.  Is there any way of accomplishing "a cleaning" without loading my computer into a taxi and taking it to a computer shop?


Re: On-line removal of virus

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@Legge have a look at the following pcmagazine online review of 2018 free antivirus applications.  If you don't already run an antivirus application, consider loading the free versions of AVG or Avast and scan your pc  with one of those.  I would also load Malwarebytes Antimalware and scan your pc with that as well.  Configure the scan to scan for rootkits before you run the scan.  Between those two, you should be ok.  Norton also has a deep clean application as well.,2817,2388652,00.asp


Have a look at the following thread in the Malwarebytes forums:


That thread uses Farbar, Adwcleaner and RogueKiller to scan for and detect malware.  That might be worth doing if you feel that your pc is infected


At a minimum, if you felt it was necessary, I would load one of the applications from the pcmagazine list for a primary scan and Malwarbytes Antimalware for a secondary scan.   After that, its your choice for a third or forth application to use.  After all of that, you should be virus/malware free. 


Re: On-line removal of virus

I'm a senior advisor

I'm not familiar with Rogers' TechXpert, but I would be weary of anyone contacting you over the phone, offering to clean your computer, even if they claim to be Microsoft.  I use Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes on my Windows 7 laptop and ClamWin on my XP desktop. There are many free anti-virus programs available, some more intrusive than others.

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Re: On-line removal of virus

I've been here awhile

Thank you for the wise message OLD YELLER. 

Yes, a few years ago I happened upon "someone" on-line who offered a free bit of service to me.  He even had it rigged so that what appeared to be messages from my own computer, (on a bright blue-background),  appeared to show me how rife with viruses my computer already was.  But I quickly closed our connection, realizing that only 2 days before I had had my computer "cleansed" of all viruses.  

It seems that his 2-bit operation had prepared beforehand the screen he showed me, (as a method of drumming up business for the slimy outfit he represented.)

I did feel relatively confident allowing Rogers' representatives take control of my computer remotely though. 

I might talk a good game, but I'm not actually all-that smart when it comes to things-PC.  That's one of the reasons I enjoyed Rogers' TechXpert.

For a few years a man who is fairly PC-savvy would come to my apartment to fix my computer.  But he has since moved out of the area.  And so another avenue leading to good PC-health has disappeared.

Loading the computer into a taxi every time I need the services of technician does not appeal to the budget-conscious man inside me.

For the past few years, the protection offered by Rogers has been my sole guardian.  I think I've been blessed to have remained untouched by the world of computer-problems. 

I do realise this though.  I'm not a total moron.  😉

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