How to remove my membership to the forum

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How to remove my membership to the forum

I have decided that I am no longer interested in being an active member in the community support board. I will continue to use it in the public mode where I can see the things that people deal with and their solutions, but I have decided to return to the personal dialogue of a face to face in the store, a phone call with the ability to escalate if I so desire, or a personalized chat, all with ID numbers with my concerns clearly associated with my account allowing for easy follow-up.


So simple question, how do I remove me BS from the forum, knowing that I will know longer be able to interact or comment, or introduce new topics. And I am quite ok with that. This was an exploration for me this past few weeks on how the board could serve me and others, and I have relized that almost 17 hours of writing, reading, editing, being edited is just not a good use of my time.


I have enjoyed the time with you and wish all of you luck in your journeys with Rogers, or any other company you may deal with for any type of service telecommunications or otherwise.


Sincerely, BS  By the way BS just to be sure I am never misconstrued to mean something else, is my actual initials, no middle name. Just a little trivia.  Goodbye and enjoy life.

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Community Manager
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Re: How to remove my membership to the forum

Hello @BS,


I'm sorry to hear that you no longer wish to participate in the Rogers Community Forums.



There are basically two ways you can cease your participation if you so choose;


1. Simply stop logging in. This will only allow you to view the Community, but not Post. As you must be logged in to Post.


2. I can place a BAN on your username. This will prevent you from logging in; should you get those late night jitters to comeback to us. But you can still view the Community.





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Re: How to remove my membership to the forum

How do I remove my community forum account?

Retired Moderator RogersArthur
Retired Moderator
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Re: How to remove my membership to the forum

Hi @DragonsOfWine,



Thank you for your patience, sorry to hear we maybe loosing one of our Community Forums family members. Smiley Sad


Although there is no option to have the account removed from our end or users end. There are two ways to cease participation from using the community forum account. I can look into having our Community Specialist place a BAN on the username, this will disable the login credentials removing all access to the account. Or the only other option is to not access/use the account. Both options will still give viewable (read only) access to the Community Forums information without being able to participate.


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Re: How to remove my membership to the forum

Ok - thanks - I'll stay away from the forum unless I find I'm getting SPAM email. It would be useful to have access to the forum to search for other fixes.

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Re: How to remove my membership to the forum

See posts / Remove account


Is there a way to see the posts you've made?

Is there a way to leave/delete your user data from this forum?

To be honest, I don't recall ever making this account and I get emails that someone has found my post useful.



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Re: How to remove my membership to the forum

Hello @dfsfsfdsfsfsf,


Welcome to the Community and thank you for your post Robot Happy.


These are some good questions. You can find the number of posts you've made once you hover over your username. If you click on your username it will take you to your profile where you can see the posts you've made so far. You can also view your registration date etc. 


As far as deleting you user info. goes, we cannot delete your account. However as mentioned above in posts 2 & 4 we can place a BAN on your profile or you can stop logging into the forums. 


Hope this answers all your questions, and hope you stick around in the Community Robot Happy!