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Change In Status

Hello folks.   So as of Monday my status with Rogers is changing. The entire time I have been a member here I was in Consolidated Customer Care, handling wireless, home phone, cable and internet. As of Monday I am switching to Business MSD, which dea...

Daylight Savings Time Issue with calendar entries

When people send me clanedar invites cerated in Outlook, and I open them in my email (Rogers email account), during daylight savings they always go in 1 hour ahead. Eg there is a meeting at 4pm and my Rogers calendar shows it as 5 pm.  It syncs with ...

microys by I've been here awhile
  • 3 replies

WWE WrestleMania Apr. 3 2016

All you WWE fans out there, will you be watching WrestleMania on Apr. 3?   I'm hoping that a couple of things change in the WWE related to the "Authority" nonsense, which has been going on for way too long. I hope Triple H loses to Roman Reigns and t...

jimboden by I'm an advisor
  • 3 replies

Android Devices

Anyone have any experience here in using an external DAC from their phones using a digital connection? Since the Lollipop update, any Android device can supposedly hand off all audio to an external DAC over a USB OTG cable, thus allowing you to bypas...

DrewLazz by I plan to stick around
  • 1 replies

Will be departing from all conversations for a while

For those who know me, you know that for my health, I sometimes have to disappear from any contact with Rogers. Unfortunately I am there again. There are no new answers to the questions, and nothing is changing with my key concerns, and it is just le...

BS by I'm a senior advisor
  • 1 replies

What new tech are you waiting for this year?

Alright Guys,   2016 is here and everyone is settled in - So I gotta ask; What are you waiting for this year in Tech?   I personally have the question running in my head VR or AR headset? And which one would I want.   VR: Virtual Reality. AR: Augumen...

OR.jpg a67d3d33-e1e5-4cf7-bf3d-dbe1befc8d8c.0.jpg

Alzheimer's Proactive Billing Services

I would like to suggest that the outbound calling centre have an augmented tool that has just been made available through clinical research into the effects of Alzheimer's disease:   1) It has been found that when the favorite music of the era when t...


When Toronto City Council is basically saying that UBER is illegal and insurance companies are warning drivers regarding potential coverage, it is very surprising to me that a Canadian icon such as Rogers would openly promote the service.

Rcleece by I've been around
  • 11 replies

Who's a fan of WWE NXT?

I have been slowly getting into NXT from the WWE network.  Particularly since I saw Samoa Joe was there.  Watched some of the NXT takeover in London and was pretty impressed overall.

ARoC2J by Rogers Employee
  • 12 replies

Happy New Year 2016

Just wanted to reach out and wish everyone in the Community Forums, from our members to our resident experts to our  moderators and managers, a very Happy New Year 2016!!!! (Can't believe it is here already!)   May you all enjoy this time with family...

Windows 10 Upgrade

Hello, Community   I’m one of those who are excited about Windows 10 and patiently waiting to receive the upgrade. I have 2 PCs, one running Windows 7 and the other Windows 8. I have registered both my PCs after getting the invite to register for Win...

Nervous to Buy a Phone From eBay?

Hey, everyone. I am reluctant to buy a "new, unopened, unlocked" phone from eBay because I've heard of situations where a phone would later be blacklisted, etc. I understand that if its a used phone, then perhaps the seller is neglecting their fees t...

KyleM by I plan to stick around
  • 5 replies


Please read below, this is what I posted on Facebook and was hoping this feedback can be delivered to senior executives with Rogers.   The news today that Alex Anthopoulos is not returning is very disappointing. Alex showed complete class in his tele...

Samsung Gear S2!

Guys! Guysss!! GUYYSSS!!!!   I am super excited. Samsung Gear S2 announced. o__o   And it is awesome!   Also, It works with Other Android Phones as well! (Not all but this is better than Samsung Only right?)

Midland Curling Club

As a member of the Marketing Committee at the Midland Curling Club, I am interested in opportunities to bring Rogers to our club, and in turn create visibility for the sport and our club in the surrounding communities.   In particular, and unique to ...