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Hello Community!


Heading away for March Break? As a special thank you, new and existing Rogers wireless customers on an eligible plan can enjoy 1 Roam Like Home day on us (based on Eastern Time) between March 6 – 31, 2023. You can learn more about this exclusive offer and Roam Like Home here.


Plus, get 5 Roam Like Home days at no cost with the Rogers Connections Mastercard with no annual fee the 1st year. 


Already a Rogers mobile customer and want to double check if you’re enrolled in Roam Like Home? Text TRAVEL to 222.




Feel free to drop any questions or concerns in the comment section below.

I've been here awhile


If I am in the US and have my Data OFF can I still receive text messages if attached to hotel WIFI ?


Greetings @DandW5860,


I hope you're staying safe and sound while travelling! In the event that you have unlimited text messaging inclusive in your plan and you opt to use our Roam Like Home services, you would be able to send and receive SMS as it is all inclusive of our daily roaming rate in the US at $12/day. While I wouldn't recommend using public WiFi for security reasons, if you are connecting to the hotel's WiFi, you would have the option of sending and receiving messages via WiFi via apps such as Whatsapp. I found a super helpful article that would can shed some light with some tips and tricks on how to best minimize roaming charges while travelling. You can find the information HERE. I hope this helps!





I'm a frequent visitor

I did receive this notification of one free Rome like home day in March.  I used it one day on Mar 25, yet I still got charged for it.  I chatted with a rep who said my account had been adjusted and I would see credit in 72 hours, yet it’s not showing a week later.  


Good morning @achaffecombe,


Thank you for your post. We're glad you could enjoy one Roam Like Home day on us!


The credit for the Roam Like Home day will apply to your account automatically and will appear on the bill after the one with the charge (for example: if your RLH charge appears on the April bill, the credit will appear on the May bill).


This is a one-time credit and it'll show up on your second or third bill, depending on your bill cycle.


I apologize for the confusion - I can assure you that the discount will be applied atomatically. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have questions.


Hope this helps!