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Hey Community,


Good news! Starting today March 25, 2019, business customers can now activate the eSIM portion of their iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr. This means business customers can have two lines on one device, one using a physical SIM and the other an eSIM. eSIM line activations are only available on no term plans.


We’ve updated Rogers Direct to include the new option of an eSIM Card for SIM only / Bring Your Own Device activation orders. We will continue to ship a physical SIM with New Activation and Hardware Upgrade term orders of these iPhones.


Important: eSIM Card activations are only available to business customers. Consumer-Regular accounts cannot activate an eSIM. In addition, eSIM Cards are currently not available in retail locations.


Here are some frequently asked questions about eSIM:


Can I activate my iPhone with eSIM on a contract?

  • Unfortunately, no, at this time eSIM is only available for / Bring Your Own Device plan activations.
  • If you wish to have a contract to lower the upfront cost of the device, you must activate or upgrade with a physical SIM card.

Can I activate a non-iPhone eSIM device?

  • We currently only support the iPhone Xs, Xs Max and Xr.
  • If you are attempting to activate an eSIM on a non-certified device (device we don’t support) we can’t guarantee the following:
    • Comprehensive technical support
    • That all your features will work as intended
    • That we would have specific plans for your device, and leveraging current plans may result in unexpected billing or functionality issues.




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Any word on Android and further rollout to consumer plans? The Pixel phones support eSIM - would be nice to get it there too


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I would like to activate esim card than. What I have to do ? Who gonna help me to activate esim card ? Can you write down please all the steps we must follow to activate esim for my iPhone XR? Thank you.
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What about non-business customers? will this come soon for us too?

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How do we activate esim on our business plan?

Good evening @gezimcela & @charlo1108 ,


Thank you both for your interest in the eSIM!

Please check out this article for the steps to follow: How to activate an eSIM card on dual SIM iPhones.


Let us know if need you further assistance. Smiley Wink


I understand you want to be able to activate your iPhones with eSIM too, @b-ry & @Qubit !

Please stay tuned for more information. We'll update the Community as soon as we can!



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@RogersMaude why existing business customers (with Bring My Own Devices) not able to switch to eSIM? 

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I have a question about esim .When you will enable esim on iPhone for individual costumer?
Why are you putting limitations between costumers? What ideas it mean business or not business costumer?!