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Rogers Frequencies

I've been here awhile

I'm about to purchase an unlocked AT&T phone with the following frequency band:

  • 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
  • 4G Network LTE 700 MHz Class 17 / 1700 / 2100

I read that Rogers network band are:

  • 2G Network GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 3G Network HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100
  • 4G Network LTE 1700 / 2100 / 2600


Will my unlocked AT&T phone have 3G and 4G on Rogers' network?




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Re: Rogers Frequencies

I've been around

These are the specs of the phone I want to buy  


 2G: GSM B2/B3/B5/B8

 3G: WCDMA B1/B2/B4/B5/B8

 4G: FDD-LTE B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B20

       TDD-LTE B38/B40

 SIM Card Slots: Dual SIM Card Dual Standby (Nano SIM), Supports 2+1 card slot, nano-SIM + nano-SIM + TF    will it be ok with Rogers Network?

Re: Rogers Frequencies

Hello @msebas


Thanks for your first post!

It's great that you are double checking the compatibility of the device before the purchase.


It is always important to check to see if a device will be compatible with the Frequency Bands of the country/provider. Please click the following link to see which Frequency Bands are compatible with the Rogers Network.


Bands B5, B2 on 3G and Bands B4, B7 on 4G are supported.





Re: Rogers Frequencies

I've been here awhile

I am looking to purchase a Poco x3 nfc global version.  I have attached the bands in specs below.  I have also looked up the frequencies offered by Rogers.  I have also shared a pic with highlighted the ranges that are included with the Poco phone.  However,  I notice that the 700mhz (Band 12) of 4g is not included in this phone and I want to know how limiting that will be.  I would love to see a colour coded map showng where 700mhz is necessary. I live in Arborg Manitoba (gps location shown below).  How detrimental is it to my new phone if it does not have the 700mhz range?20.11.28 poco specs.PNG20.11.28 gps coordinates.PNG20.11.28 coverage for poco.PNG

Re: Rogers Frequencies

Hello, @jayewert


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Thanks so much for your detailed post. I know how important it is to ensure a device is going to work on the network before purchasing. 


Based on the information you've provided if it is just the B12(700) frequency that it is missing then it SHOULD work on the Rogers network. We do have to advise you that we cannot guarantee all of the device features will work as expected as this device was not tested on our network. Features like Wi-Fi Calling or VoLTE specifically may have issues if it is not a Rogers device.


I hope this helps you in your decision making process.



Re: Rogers Frequencies

I've been here awhile

Thank you for your response.  After much research I have found that the 700mhz is the type of bandwidth that is for farther reaching signal and to penetrate tree lines and basements etc.  This makes it an essential band to have in vast rural areas such as the prairies in Canada (where I am) where the towers are few and far between.  I understand my phone will likely work close to towers especially in urban areas but likely to have low connection on the highway.  I am going to take the risk but keeping my fingers crossed.  Will post progress in a few months when the literal "slow boat from China" delivers my phone.

Re: Rogers Frequencies

I'm a reliable contributor

I came across this Wikipedia article about the cell bands Rogers uses.  Of course, 2G is long gone as is 3G on 1.9 GHz.  Rogers used Dynamic Spectrum Sharing, which allows 4G and 5G to share a band, so 5G could appear on just about any band Rogers uses.