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Poor cell service

I've been here awhile
I live in Cardiff, a small residential community just outside of St. Albert/Edmonton Alberta, and have never gotten better than two bars of LTE in home, and lately I've been down to three bars of 3G. What is the problem?

Re: Poor cell service

Been told that since last October.internet barely works cell phones don't work near my house cable freezes. Time for me to leave this clown show.

Re: Poor cell service

Hey @Sblundell7858!


Welcome to the community!


Sorry to hear you're having service issues! Have you spoken with technical support yet to determine where your closest cell tower is? Alternatively you can easily report any cellular network issues within the MyRogers app! Visit the Support Tab, then MyNetwork for visibility of the network in your area and have the option to report any issues you may be experiencing. Definitely let us know if you've taken any of these steps and what the results were if so :).



Re: Poor cell service

Hi there,

I am a new custom to Roger's and I'm disappointed in the signal quality. Constantly losing service or have one little bar. I live in Hamilton, Ontario which is a big city and should have great connection (previous provider had now issues)

Any recommendations of what I can do to make this better?

Thank you


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Re: Poor cell service

Good evening @Frostwhitewulf,


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums! Thank you for posting concern to the Community.

I know that experiencing network issues or losing service can be frustrating. 


Unfortunately, network issues do happen from time to time. To find out if there's a service outage in your area, use the My Network tool:

  1. Select the service that’s most affected
  2. Enter your current address, major intersection or postal code
  3. Click on "Check status"

I suggest using the "Report an Issue" feature in the MyRogers app to report the issue you are experiencing and provide feedback through the app. 

Our technical teams will review your entry to identify and resolve service outages. Your feedback will also be reviewed by our planning teams to prioritize future network enhancements.


If the network coverage in your area is fine, please let us know whether it happens in a particular place or inside a house or building.


Hope this helps!




Re: Poor cell service

Why is network strenght latately is very very POOR? calls are drop or failed coz of signal even mssg too cant be sent? Something wrong ROGERS??

Re: Poor cell service

Hello, @Tonyix


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


Having a poor signal on your mobile device can become very disruptive so I can imagine how frustrating this must be for you. =(


Have you attempted the steps outlines in Post 46 of this thread? If there is an issue you can report it by following those steps.


I hope this helps!



Re: Poor cell service

Is Rogers building a new tower in Stouffville at Ninth Line and Aurora road?  Cell service is terrible in that area.

Re: Poor cell service

Greetings @JDuke22,


A very warm welcome to the Rogers Community Forums and great first post!! 😀


A wonky connection can certainly be bothersome and cause disruption to your day! As mentioned in post #46 of this thread, you may use our MyNetwork tool to check for any ongoing wireless outages in your area and to report any issues or give feedback. 


If you are interested in learning if there are any wireless enhancements in the works or upcoming for your location, feel free to send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can look into this for you further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you!



Re: Poor cell service

Hi there,


Ever since I moved to Orleans (Ottawa) 2 years ago, I've experienced poor cell reception in my neighbourhood. This has meant I cannot use my phone in the basement, most of my first floor, and certain areas of my home office on the 2nd floor. Even outside the connection is poor and have had dropped calls / no connection to network . I live near Trim & Innes. I've had 3 cell phones in the past 2 years (Oneplus 3, Sony Xperia 5, and Samsung A71) and all have suffered the same issues.


A few weeks ago I saw a Rogers truck and a construction crew in front of my house. I struck up a conversation with him about the upcoming internet upgrades in my neighbourhood. Just as I was thanking him for answering my questions he asked me if I had trouble with my cell phone in the area. I explained to him the issues I've had in the past 2 years and that it only affects Rogers since my wife has no issues whatsoever with Bell. I thought perhaps it had to do with the different frequencies each use for their network or some other technical reason. He assured me that it should not be this way, and would report the issue when he gets back to the office.


I was wondering if you could provide an update and/or send a team out to my area and verify the signal levels/quality.




Edit: Added portion where I state the issue persist while outdoors.

Re: Poor cell service



You could try to enable WiFi calling on your phone so you can make calls in your house or areas where the phone is connected to WiFi. I understand this isn't ideal, but this will allow you to use your phone until Rogers fixes your area. 

Re: Poor cell service

I have rogers Cell and  Bell internet inside my house. I don't have a home phone or cable. I had Bell reduce my bill on the internet (so they reduced my internet service), now I have no reception on my cell phone when I am in the house. It might be a coincidence but I think it happened since Bell reduced my internet. I have to keeo connecting and disconnecting from the wifi in the house. Is this a Bell issue, or a Rogers issue?

Re: Poor cell service

Hello, @smakcanada


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


We appreciate you posting your question to the Community. It is very unlikely that any changes to the billing on your Bell internet service would cause any issues with the cellular signal on your Rogers mobile device.


It is most likely purely coincidental. To test this you can simply unplug the Bell internet modem in your home and see if the cellular signal improves on your device. You may need to reboot your mobile device once the modem is unplugged.


Please answer the questions below so we can better assist you.


  • Are you experiencing poor cellular signal in all areas of the home or just certain areas?
  • Does the cellular signal immediately improve as soon as you go outside of your home?
  • Have you reported the issues you are experiencing via the Rogers MyNetwork tool? You can see if there are issues in the area and also report issues you are facing. 

We look forward to your response.



Re: Poor cell service

This is in Surrey, BC last night... By my mother place... So slow........ Can't even make a phone call or use data

They need to add power to the LTE tower..... This sucks **** rogers I remember five years ago u were the best cell phone company... Ever..not now....

Pleaee put in a request for better speeds... And everything.. 


Re: Poor cell service

Hello @cafekief 


I know how important it is to stay connected these days and having a poor cellular network in your area is a major inconvenience.


It's always a great idea to report these types of issues via our Network Aid tool located here:


There could be an issue with the tower in your area or it may need to be repositioned and the best way to start the process would be via the Network Aid tool above. I hope this helps.


Looking forward to your reply.


Kind Regards,




Re: Poor cell service

I'm just wondering if I'm the only one who lives in a place that had the worst cell service in existence. Full signal with 4G and I can't even load Google. Can? What is wrong with Rogers trying so hard to push a better signal that's actually worse.
LTE is good, 4G is good enough for 99% of everything we do on our phones anyways.
Fix your service!


Re: Poor cell service

Greetings @Lyndino!


Welcome to our Community!


If you're having signal related issues, you've come to the right place for help. Is this issue happening inside your home, in a specific location or is it happening everywhere you carry the device? 


Regardless, I can look into this matter for you and troubleshoot as necessary. 


Please PM us @CommunityHelps for further assistance. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




Re: Poor cell service

All my smartphones galaxy note 9 and galaxy s20 ultra 5G doesn't get 5G connection or nor LTE plus (+) download speeds of 0.15 Mbps down and 0.01 for upload.... In the fleetwood area of Surrey, BC even out its spoty LTE and same speeds.... Its the fleetwood park area of Fleetwood.... There needs to be improvement soon... Or I'm switching to bell next year... Also there lots of developmentz in the area... Also very bad battery drain on my galaxy note 9 from 74% to down to blinking red 4% in just an hour... Compare to 3 feet away from a major like major cell tower with 5G and LTE+... Phoning into night... About it... It's been plus two years for this to be fixed and still nothing........ Wow Rogers.....

Re: Poor cell service

Hey @cafekief!


Sorry to hear you're having such extreme cellular connectivity issues! I know that our wireless footprint in B.C. isn't as robust as it is in say Ontario, but there should be EXT network access where available. 


Would I be safe in assuming you've spoken with Rogers support regarding this? Perhaps even escalated through the MyRogers app?

If so I'm wondering if you've been advised of your distance from the nearest tower which can better explain the overall connectivity concerns.



Re: Poor cell service

Rural Manitoba weak LTE/3G signal



I travel a lot in rural Manitoba, mostly in the "Westman" area which spans from the USA border, the SK border, up to Swan River, and over to Portage La Prairie.

I've been mapping my signal strength everywhere as-I-go using "cellmapper" and have completed a very detailed study during the past 5 years of both the LTE network as well as the 3G network using various modern smartphones locked to those bands.

The result of the study shows that a great many areas have lackluster or zero coverage, and some of those places are populated communities!

My question today is this: There are certain towers which provide obviously poor signal vs others of the same height and antenna compliment... How can I report such situations without actually living in the affected area? Can I report the individual low-performing towers on this forum? Is there an email address or phone number where I can express my concerns to an engineer about individual tower performance?

I'll offer a breadcrumb to begin our journey: a glaring example that's unchanged for many years.. E-NodeB#200159 Hamiota MB, all 3 band-5 sectors, and to a lesser extent the band-4 omni. The Omni has almost equals that of the sectors, which shouldn't be possible, and indicates a pretty bad antenna/feedline performance issue.  5-7 miles max association from a 350 foot tower and -120dBm as close as 3 miles from a car dashboard are serious issues that need to be looked at!  Rogers 74045 Ninette MB is similar, and people at the nearby beach resort complain locally about no service even with the tower overlooking their area from 2 miles away.


I have many more examples of both Rogers-owned towers as well as BellMTS-owned towers in our "special" shared network with similar performance handicaps, but since I'm a rogers customer for both work and family devices, my only voice is here.  I'd be happy to provide detailed analyses data for the consideration of engineers for rectification.  Feel free to peruse my extensive mapping efforts online using the website, select Rogers, navigate the map to Manitoba, and witness the breadcrumb trails and individual tower/sector/frequency displays by clicking on towers, and then scrolling the sectors on the lefthand side.  switch between LTE/3G/GSM using the "general" menu.


I'll make another post regarding general lack of coverage/towers throughout my area later, depending on how this goes.


Best regards,



Edited: labels, and fixed the E-nodeB number for Hamiota

Re: Poor cell service

Hello, @sparkycivic


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


We're disappointed to hear that you've had such a poor connection in certain areas over the years.


We have a handy tool called MyNetwork that is built into the Support section of the MyRogers app. If you are in an area with a poor signal you can report it to our network engineers directly through the app. They will be able to determine your location via GPS and investigate the poor signal for you.


You can learn about how the tool works by clicking here.


I hope this helps!





Re: Poor cell service

I have now activated the app to monitor the signal.  I can see that it's checking intermittently, and during calls.

We shall see what happens when I go to some poor areas... and try to report the poorness. I sure hope that network connectivity won't be necessary for that process!

Battery life on both my devices has immediately taken a hit since beginning activities with the app.

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