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iPhone Visual Voicemail - Is it Still Offered?

I've been around


So I ported my two lines over to rogers today, I was told by the rep that I would indeed continue to receive iPhone Visual Voicemail (within the phone app, not the text) but I cannot get it working. I called back in after over an hour on the phone the rep was saying it is no longer offered or she can't figure out how to add it. Is there anything I can tell them to assist in them adding it to the account / getting it working ? 




Kyle S



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Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail - Is it Still Offered?


Good day Kyle @Bentlsua,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thank you for your post! I understand your desire to obtain the enhanced iPhone Visual Voicemail feature.


The add-on is not compatible with certain plans and/or types of accounts. To have us take a deeper look into it and validate the information you were given over the phone, please reach out to us via private message.


To send us a PM to @CommunityHelps and for more information on how our private messaging system works, please check out our blog. We'll be more than happy to assist you!



Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail - Is it Still Offered?

I've been here awhile



I just wanted to say that I spent half of my Sunday (which is my only day off), trying to fix an issue with my plan only to receive an email at 11:40 pm, which makes absolutely no sense to me, indicating that not only has there been no resolution to the problem, but the problem has become worse than it was in the first place.


My initial reason for contacting "support" was the text message I received from Rogers, telling me that I MIGHT have had access to Visual Voicemail by error and that the service will be removed from my account on December 15.

Now, I've been with Rogers for over 20 years now and have had Visual Voicemail for at least 10 of those years.  I have never called to remove it and the last time a change in my plan has been made, the customer representative assured me that all my services will remain the same.


So, Sunday afternoon, we went back and forth with 3 different customer representatives, one of which kept me on the phone for 61 minutes and at least 20 of those were in total silence because (as he kept telling me periodically) he was "getting the details" as to why this happened.


After having hung up with him, I "chatted in" for "support" hoping to get a resolution (to be honest, the first guy made no sense at all, he said something to the extent of my plan having been "audited" (his exact words) by Rogers and him not being able to make any further changes.  All that after reading in silence for at least 20 minutes!).

Now the "chat support" removed 1 GB of data from my plan, decreasing it by $5, and told me that I could call in, later on, to add on Visual Voicemail for $7.  It would have increased my  THEN current plan by $2 and removed 1 GB from my plan, but seemed like the only solution at that time, even though I wasn't happy, since I can get the same plan with Koodo and don't need to be with them for 20 years to get that deal.


Then, when I got the email confirmation about the plan change, I saw "Fin 24 months" and since I live in Quebec, to me "fin" means "end".  Thinking my plan would expire in 24 months, I "chatted back in" for clarifications and the next agent offered me a different plan, $5 more for 15 GB in total and I would still have to call back in for Visual Voicemail because he was unable to include it in that plan.


By now, I'm just under the impression that the reps are just giving these plans away left and right, making us all believe that we are very special...

So, after that conversation, I told myself that I will have to see what my next steps will be by the time December comes, since the text message stated that the Visual Voicemail will be removed from my account on December 15.  I accepted the last representative's plan, solely for the reason of it being eligible for financing because I need to get a new phone.


And now, I'm seeing an email in my Inbox informing me that I "have made some changes" and that my plan of 6GB which was supposed to be effective as of November 1, was removed and under "added plan" I'm seeing "Talk & Text 6 GB - No Tab" - effective July 13, 2019.

I don't understand what is happening.  We are definitely not in 2019 and my only afternoon off a week has been a COMPLETE waste of time.

I CANNOT explain to you HOW frustrated I am writing this.


All I wanted was to keep my plan as it was.  And I wanted to be able to get a new phone soon because my current phone loses charge very quickly.  Yes, the extra GB is helpful but I lost the Visual Voicemail AND according to the email I just received, that change hasn't even gone through.


Can somebody please help me resolve it without me having to waste another afternoon of my only day off on this?


Thank you,



P.S.  This is the letter I had shared via “share a concern” only to receive an email two days later, telling me that I have to call a certain 1-855 number in order to resolve my issue.  NOT only have I already wasted half of my afternoon off trying to resolve this, add to that another half an hour writing this letter, and then another hour or so waiting on hold + conversing with a questionably qualified to help me agent”.  Really?!  This is what we get after 20 years of being with the same provider?  No words can describe to you how unappreciated this made me feel.

Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail - Is it Still Offered?

Hi @Nikatron!


Reading through this post alone has been an emotional ride, I can only imagine the stress you're feeling regarding this situation. It would be our pleasure to assist however possible. I would highly recommend reaching out to us @CommunityHelps at your convenience. If there's anything that can be done we'll find a way. Either way we'll get some answers for you. To find out more about our PM system click here.


Thank you for sharing this with us, it's incredibly important to know where we can do better and although it's clear the ball was dropped here for you we're looking forward to making some headway in correcting this.



Re: iPhone Visual Voicemail - Is it Still Offered?

Well, well, well, look who's still stuck in the Stone Age! It's the year 2023, and we've got carriers out here charging $7 a month for visual voicemail. I mean, seriously? Are they using rotary phones to justify this madness? It's like they've thrown subtlety out the window and are just twirling their mustaches while cackling like evil geniuses.

I can picture it now: a bunch of execs sitting around a table, brainstorming ways to extract every last dime from their customers. "Hey, you know what's a great idea? Let's charge them for something their iPhone can do on its own! Oh, and let's make sure it's something that was considered as absurd as wearing socks with sandals a decade ago."

Oh, and let's not forget the regular voicemail that's included. Yeah, that probably involves some secret server dance where messages are stashed away for safekeeping. But wait, there's more! On iPhones, they want you to believe that transcription is some mystical process that requires a monthly sacrifice of $7 to the carrier gods. Newsflash: my phone can transcribe "banana hammock" in like three different languages without breaking a sweat.

But here's the pièce de résistance: charging $85 a year just to free our personal messages from voicemail purgatory. It's like they're holding our precious chats hostage and demanding a ransom. "Pay up, or your grandma's birthday voicemail gets it!" And don't even get me started on the hard of hearing folks – are they just the carrier's personal piggy bank for extra cash? "Oh, you can't hear? Well, that'll be an extra $7 a month, thank you very much."

So, come on, carrier overlords, give us a break! It's time to step out of the dark ages and let us enjoy the wonders of the 21st century without feeling like we're being hustled by a used carriage salesman. Let's put an end to this comedic heist and give our wallets a well-deserved break. Just take a look at basically all US carriers.


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