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Unable to Set Up WiFi Calling

Unable to process request at this time when trying to enable wifi calling on iPhone   Similar issue as these other posts, except I've tried all the methods in those posts and have been talking to tech support to no avail. Opened a ticket and it was s...

booruce by I plan to stick around
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Resolved! Unable to send SMS to Android Devices

Hello, Anyone else having issues right now? I'm unable to send SMSs to anyone with an Android device - or via Text/SMS   **Labels Added** 

Joel13 by I plan to stick around
  • 7 replies

Resolved! Pairing Apple Watch SE with Family Sharing

How do I find out (before I buy) if I will be able to pair an Apple Watch SE to my phone? Can I set up my child’s Apple Watch SE (he doesn’t have his own phone) to my account as family sharing?   **Labels Added**    

CS-H by I've been here awhile
  • 10 replies

Texting Blocked

I have tried everything else so figured I would attempt to reach out to this community. I changed to Rogers about 6 months ago and have now had my texting blocked 7 times with no hope of resolution. I have been told that it is anti-spam software that...

Android phones in text feed with iPhones

This is the last time I’m trying before I switch providers. I can’t send texts or pics, videos or screen shots. Sometimes, rarely a text will go through without those. Please fix. This issue has followed me from an old phone. I have a 14 Pro now. I s...

Joaner by I plan to stick around
  • 13 replies

Re-pairing new Ultra 2 watch

I just purchased a new Ultra 2 watch.I have cellular for my old series 4 watch.I unpaired the old watch. I updated both iPhone14 pro max and ultra to their respective iOS 17’s.Watch is working but I am unable to connect the cellular back to the new w...

Resolved! Unable to receive sms verification codes

I switched to Rogers yesterday from Telus, and to my negative surprise I am no longer able to receive sms verification codes sent by websites like CRA, TD, Affirm etc.Is there a way to fix this?   **Labesl Added**

IreneT1 by I've been around
  • 20 replies

Watch Reservation - Apple Watch Ultra 2

Hi I was curious I reserved the Apple Watch Ultra 2 and it says 47 in cue only moved one number in days how long does it usually take or is there a way to check.   *** Edited Labels ***

Setting up Cellular on Apple Watch Ultra 2

Hi I am getting error WS508 while I am trying to set cellular on my new watch. Rogers store has set up the SIM and added to my plan but when go to set up cellular on Watch app and I log in and fill up the 911 address and validate it (even selecting t...

mg2310 by I'm here a lot
  • 37 replies

Trying to replace Apple Watch with new one. Errors

Some similar issues I see but mine is a tad different. I had active cellular on an Apple Watch…. It stopped working so I completely erased and unpaired before sending back to Apple. Now trying to add my new watch to the existing Apple Watch plan. Pho...

Knf by I'm here a lot
  • 1 replies

Not receiving texts from Android phones

Good afternoon,   I recently switched from an Iphone 7 to an 8.  I also switched Canadian carriers (from Koodoo to Rogers) When I received the phone, I upgraded the software as part of the set up (IOS 11.4)   I am not receiving all text messages, bu...

CarrieSPat by I've been here awhile
  • 19 replies

Resolved! Apple Watch Ultra LTE error code WS300

I know this has been brought up before but I’m having a different kind of issue than what I have been reading…I had a series 6 LTE and it worked flawlessly on the network for close to 3 years, I recently purchased an Ultra, unlinked the old watch and...

ragu13 by I'm a reliable contributor
  • 8 replies

Apple Family Setup

Hello everyone,   I didn't find anything related to Family Setup here so my question is: Can we expect Apple Family Setup feature for Apple Watch this year?       ***Added Labels***

veilofsun by I'm here a lot
  • 113 replies

iPhone 13 poor phone call quality

I got the new iPhone 13 last year and from day one the phone hasn't worked right. Apparently it sounds like I'm under water and I also hear feedback on my end. I never had this issue with my iPhone 8. I went to Apple because it's under warranty. They...

How do I add an Apple Watch to my Infinite Plan?

I just got a new Apple Watch SE and was trying to set up the cellular. I have an infinite plan, the instruction says I will see a choice between “add to the infinite plan” or “ add a new plan” when I set it up. However there was only one option for m...

vanessaxiao by I've been here awhile
  • 17 replies

iPhone Visual Voicemail - Is it Still Offered?

Hi,  So I ported my two lines over to rogers today, I was told by the rep that I would indeed continue to receive iPhone Visual Voicemail (within the phone app, not the text) but I cannot get it working. I called back in after over an hour on the pho...

Bentlsua by I've been around
  • 4 replies

Resolved! HELP? "rogers. com" no longer accessible via Safari, on older ipad 2?.

I have an old iPad 2, and it seems I can no longer access on it, thru my Safari browser. ( it just spins & spins & doesn't open up...) Can anyone confirm if is no longer compatible with older iPads or whatever, OR am I doing som...

jargey300 by I've been here awhile
  • 2 replies

Resolved! Rogers Unable to Enable Wifi Calling

I ported to Rogers yesterday with my iPhone 13 Pro (purchased directly from Apple) and I'm unable to enable Wifi calling. When I turn it on via the Phone settings menu, I get a message to contact Rogers to enable wifi calling on this account. I've do...