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Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile

Good afternoon,


I recently switched from an Iphone 7 to an 8.  I also switched Canadian carriers (from Koodoo to Rogers)

When I received the phone, I upgraded the software as part of the set up (IOS 11.4)


I am not receiving all text messages, but only from android phones, and it is not all the time.  Any group message that also have an android phone involved I do not get either, even sent from another iphones.


It mainly seems to be pictures or group texts.  And even that is intermittent.


I had contacted my carrier (Rogers) and they reset my profile.  I have unlimited text and picture messaging with my carrier.


Group message, and send as SMS are all on.  MMS messaging  and IMessage all on.  I have toggled these on and off trying to get it to work.  Logged out of my Apple ID.  Forgot my old phone as a device...


I have reset the network on my phone.


Turned the phone off numerous times...


Start a new conversation under messages is my phone number, I can be reached at IMessage at phone number and email address. (not that it should matter as I cant receive them, plus they are android users)


Neither of these users have ever used an IPhone, both have Samsungs.  One is my mother and the other my boyfriend.  They get Delivery Reports to their phone stating I "rejected" the text.  Obviously I have checked they are not accidently blocked (again, I get some, not others)


I have spoken with a friend, she says the same thing is happening to her with the latest IOS upgrade.


This is a bit silly, and I do think an Apple problem, not my carrier.  But advise what else I can possibly test, try, reset etc would be great.


iPhone 8, iOS 11.4



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Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile

And, this was Apple's response, pretty much all the things I have already done, and told me to contact Rogers.


Hi Carrie,

It sounds like you're having trouble receiving MMS messages on your iPhone. I want to help you get that worked out so you're staying in touch.

The messages you described(pictures and group messages) are always sent as MMS when coming from devices that aren't Apple devices.
You can learn more about MMS here:
About iMessage and SMS/MMS - Apple Support

Although MMS messaging issues are typically a carrier concern, we can run through your settings to make sure your iPhone is set up and working correctly when sending MMS messages on your carrier network.

First, let's check for a carrier settings update:
Update your carrier settings on your iPhone or iPad - Apple Support

If there's no update, we'll want to reset your network settings to clear some relevant network configuration settings. To reset network settings, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This also resets Wi-Fi networks and passwords, cellular settings, and VPN and APN settings that you've used before.

Let's also make sure MMS messages are enabled in Settings > Messages. Ensure that MMS Messaging and Group Messaging options are enabled.

If you've all these settings look good and you're still having trouble sending MMS messages, you'll want to contact your carrier and explain what's happening so that they can check for any feature blocks on your service for MMS or Picture Messaging. It's likely there is a provisioning issue with your carrier account if all these settings are enabled and your contacts are saying they're receiving a rejection notification.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for using the Apple Support Communities.

Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Rogers Employee
Rogers Employee

Hey, that is strange for sure, especially after doing an update to the new iOS.


Just to understand, 

1. You are not able to receive any messages from android phones? 

2. You are not able to receive group messages from android phones?
3. Are you able to receive group messages from all other iPhone users?

4. The messages that are not coming through, is this in a particular area or all over the place? 


You can turn off the WiFi and keep phone only on cellular and then turn off iMessages then try to send and receive messages from an android and see if any of them come through. 


Try that and see if it helps and keep me posted. Thanks. 



Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile

Hi Aliaz,


1. I can receive most texts from Android phones

2. No I can not receive group messages from Androids

3. I can receive Iphone group texts, except if they contain an Android user

4. It is intermittent.  Mostly group texts and anything with pictures from Android users...sometimes I do get them but not very often.


I will turn those off, but what is the point of having an Iphone and having Imessages or not being able to use Wifi?  I have previously toggled off and on Imessage.


 I will ask for more tests from the people I always have the problem with and let you know. (both Samsung users)



Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile
So I turned those off.

Group message from an android user came through. However as above it is intermittent.

Another android user sent me a picture and that did not come through .

Put my SIM card in my iPhone 7 with no update to software, it is running 11.3.1.

I message and wifi is on.

Same picture from the android user wAs also rejected on this phone.

All of this worked fine with Koodo so am very confused.

Getting bounced between Rogers and Apple and all the reading and time is a bit time consuming.

Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Good morning @CarrieSPat,


So a friend of mine mentioned that she was able to resolve a similar issue by switching off WiFi assist in her Settings. Another time she deleted the group thread, rebooted her phone and then re created the group thread. Both times resolved the issue for her. Maybe this is something you can try. Again, this isn't a resolution, just a workaround I heard about.





Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile
I have the exact same problem. I was with bell and switched to Rogers and changed my phone at the same time. I had the iphone 6 plus and now have the iphone 8. I called rogers last night and they told me that the problem was with my phone. I did a test..i took my sim card from iphone 8 and placed it in my old phone. I asked friends on android (the ones I had the problems with) to send me texts and pictures and did not work either. I received some texts but not all. I also received some pictures but not all. I don’t think the problem is with my phone, i think it’s with rogers! Never had that problem with bell before. It all started since I switched to Rogers.

Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile
Do you still have the same problem? And if not, how did you solve it?

Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Hello @Martine123,


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community and congratulations on your first post. I have always preferred texting, personally, so I can understand how much of a pain it must be to be unable to receive text messages from your friends on Android devices.


We'd like to ask a few questions before we start troubleshooting this for you.

  • Does this only happen when receiving incoming SMS/MMS or are your friends on Android not receiving your messages as well?
  • Is the phone you are using now one that was purchased from Rogers or are you using an unlocked device?
  • Are most of your friends using a specific carrier or do they have different carriers all of which appear to be having issues?

We look forward to your response!



Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile

I have an iPhone 8 and just recently started having issues with not receiving some text messages.  I've called Rogers numerous times, spoke with Apple a few times, tried a new SIM, another new SIM in a new phone, reset network settings, did a complete erase and restore and still have not been able to fix this issue.  Rogers is telling me the texts are not reaching the Rogers network.  However, that same person can text my husband (who is on my plan so would be on the same network) and he receives their texts......and the ones who are texting me that I'm not receiving their texts are telling me that I'm the only one their texts are not reaching - everyone else they text have no issues......

Help!  This is beyond frustrating!  Can anyone help me out here?  I obviously can't ask my friends to spend an hour on the phone with their carrier when I'm the only one not receiving their texts....



Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Hello @DCH73,


A warm welcome to our Rogers Community Forums and thank you for your very first post! We hope there will be many more to come! 👍


It is strange that you haven't been able to receive any messages from your friends who are Android users. We appreciate you taking the time to try and troubleshoot the issue yourself and sharing with us what you've done so far. Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this! 🧐


By any chance, have you recently switched over from an Android device? If possible, can you ask one of the Android users to try disabling their 'Enhanced Messaging' via their device settings and then try sending you another text message to see if it works? With most Android devices, this can be done in the Messages app > Menu > Settings > Chat Features and disable the 'Enable chat features' option.


Please let us know how it goes! We look forward to your reply! 😊



Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile

Thanks for the response, but no, I haven't switched...I've had an iPhone for many years.....and it's not all Android users that I don't receive texts from, only seems completely random.  Have checked every setting imaginable and still cannot figure it out.  The only thing I've changed around the time this started was that I switched my home internet service from Bell back to Rogers.....but I can't imagine that would affect it in any way.  And as I said, my husband who is on my plan can receive texts from those same people, so I can't see that it would be on their end......but Rogers tells me that their texts do not reach the Rogers why do they for texts to my husband?  

This has been going on for about 3 weeks or so now and I can't tell you how many hours I've spent trying to figure this out.....

If you have any other suggestions, I'd be happy to give them a try!




Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Hello @DCH73,


Thank you for clarifying! I was wondering if by some small chance it had to do with the RCS Messaging app, but since you've always been an iPhone user, this wouldn't apply to you. 


Since this issue began, were any tickets lodged on your behalf by our Tech Support team? If so, what were the results?


Would you be able to send us a Private Message so we can have a closer look into this for you? For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you,




Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been here awhile

I've sent you a private message, thank you!


Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Appreciated @DCH73!


I have your PM and I will respond to you momentarily. 🙂 




Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Is it possible to ask just one of the users to reach out to their provider and advise them that they are not able to send text messages to your number?


It has been investigated on our end with no message arriving on our Network so we'd really need to check on the findings from the other provider to see if they can detect anything. They should be able to run a trace on the message to see where it failed.






Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I'm a reliable contributor

So Android user here (Pixel 2, Android 10, with RCS enabled)

And I've been having countless issues with Group MMS when there is an iPhone number in the mix (this is with and without RCS enabled, I've only started to use RCS in the past few months, but the issue has happened for at least a year and a half)

So what I've seen is that when there is a non Android device in the MMS, it will send the MMS to the android user(s) but iPhone users will get one of two. In the Google Messages settings, I have Group MMS setup to send as a Group MMS not individual threads)
Some simply won't get the message - no delivery receipt, no rejected, nothing.
And other users will get my message, but it shows up as an individual SMS message - so they're getting the message, but its only showing from me, and when they reply, it doesn't go into the MMS thread but the individual SMS thread. But the other Android user, we'll still see our dialogue in the MMS (but their responses to the iPhone user are also only going to them as individual SMS)

So to me it appears to be it maybe something funky with how the iPhone receives the MMS protocol?
But ya SMS messages seem to go through just fine - though that doesn't help me as I am trying to send groupMMS messages.

Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Hello, @b-ry.


Thank you for joining this discussion, I appreciate your detailed post. 


When a group SMS/MMS sent through RCS enabled device one of the two followings could happen:

a) the recipient device is RCS enabled, the reply from this device goes to the group

b) the recipient device doesn't support RCS, the reply from this device goes to the sender


We have discussed a similar issue in a different thread. I have noticed a group SMS/MMS may not work as intended when there is a mix of different devices on different platforms. I have experimented with RCS & group SMS/MMS in different scenarios and found it's not reliable. 


You may want to consider a 3rd party text/pictures/video messaging app to run a group. 




Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

I've been around

Im jumping in on this thread. I have the exact same problem, am a long time Rogers Adroid customer and iPhone users and sometimes even Android Users  intermitently and completely randomly will simpl not recieve SMS or MMS or whatever text message. It happened on my old cheap non Rogers  OPPO from the Philipines and it is happening just as much if not more on my new Samsung S23 Ultra purchased through Rogers. 


It seemed to be worse on both phones if I install Signal App even now when Signal does not take over as your SMS app but only functions llike WhatsApp. The Samsung uses the native Google Messages , my old OPPO had its own native SMS app and I also switched to Google Messages. The problem always existed in every configuration between any two providers including Rogers to Rogers and Android to Android , but it is certainly worse when Android to iPhone even if Rogers to Rogers. This HAS TO BE A ROGERS PROBLEM AND THEY KNOW IT. CHEAP CHICOM HUWAEI SPYING CELL PHONE TOWER HARDWARE. !! 

Re: Not receiving texts from Android phones

Good day @999999999xxxxxx ,


Thanks you for sharing the details of your situation to the Community! 


I understand it could be frustrating to experience issues receiving text messages. To further assist you, we'll need to clarify a few things.


What type of device are you currently using on the Rogers network? 


Do you have more than one line; or the other Rogers phone number you're referring to is someone else's? We need to rule out whether the problem could be associated with the device etc.


If you are using a third-party app to text, we are limited in the troubleshooting we can perform. However, we'd be more than happy to help you resolve this.


Looking forward to your reply!



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