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Double / Failed Text Messages

I'm a reliable contributor



I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edege and am having the issue with getting failed or double text messages. Had the phone since launch with new sim card. I've tried factory reset as well reset on Rogers side of things. They've opened a ticket but wondering if anyone else is having this issue.


Not sure if it means anything but I have no issues with calls and get VOLTE as well can switch to roaming when in my basement at home.


Thanks in advance





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Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

Hi @nstickle!


Welcome to our Community!


I know that double/failed text messages can be extremely frustrating. I've dealt with it myself in the past. 


There are multiple possible reasons why this is happening however! Please PM us @CommunityHelps so we can look into this for you. 


If you're not familiar with how to PM, please follow this link for instructions:




Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

I've been around
I have a pixel 2 and am sending and receiving double text messages mostly with my husband... How can I fix this???

Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

Hello @514jfk,


Thanks for your post and welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 😃


I know how annoying it can be for you and those you communicate with to be receiving or sending double text messages constantly.


I recently ran into a similar issue on my device and I was able to get it resolved by turning off Voice over LTE (VoLTE) on my device. Do you and your husband both have VoLTE turned on in the Phone settings? If so, please turn it off on both devices and see if the double text message issue is persistent.


I hope this helps!





Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

I plan to stick around


I am also sending and occasionally receiving duplicates.

Looking at the message details for both duplicates, the 1st is sent via RCS and the 2nd is sent via SMS five minutes later.
Sometimes both duplicates come through as SMS.
This issue with duplicates consistently happens every day.

These duplicates are usually the first in a set of messages and or the first message typically early in the morning when the recipient's phone is asleep I'm guessing. Possibly at other times as well, but consistently duplicates in the AM.
Both phones are Pixel 2's. Both on Rogers LTE, with VoLTE and Wifi Calling.

I've tried many different settings configurations on both phones turning things off and on.



Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

Good morning @Markham_Snappy!


Duplicate texts can be a real nuisance. I encountered this issue after switching phone models before so I'm pretty familiar with how annoying it can be...


In these circumstances, we do have tools that let us trace the delivery status of text messages. If they're being duplicated due to an error or issue on our network, we have the tools to detect that! Please PM us @CommunityHelps and I will get to work on resolving this for you. If you're not familiar with our PMing process, you can find instructions here.




Re: Double / Failed Text Messages


OK, I've done a bit more research into this issue and there is a setting right in the RCS settings in Messages that deals with these duplicates. I do not believe this is a real fix, but a band-aid for carrier network switching issues.

I will outline my issue again and the possible solution I've found:


PROBLEM: intermittent duplicate text messages (SMS) and chat messages (RCS) when communicating between Android Messages on Rogers network with both Messages apps set and registered to use Chat features / RCS


SOLUTION: Messages--> Settings--> Advanced--> Chat Features--> Resend Messages If Undelivered--> Ask before resending


POSSIBLE CAUSE: [recipient who is connected to Wifi but is not 'solidly connected' to the Rogers network]: when the RCS chat message is sent to this recipient and fails, the Jibe server asks the Rogers network to have the message resent as SMS text message (which it does and delivers it successfully over whatever cellular data pathway), but in the meantime the message is also resent as an Internet RCS chat message and arrives later (duplicate)





Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

OK, I've done some limited testing with this 'resend messages if undelivered' setting, and it fixed my duplicate messages.


I sent the recipient message at 6:04 this morning.

At 9:22 the phone was picked up for the first time in the day, and the message was read and the recipient had no duplicates. Sent and received as RCS with no SMS re-try.

Later today the message in my phone's Messages still says this below it: "Not delivered yet. Tap for options." Even though the message was delivered and read at 9:22. Right now if I select the message it pops up a dialogue that states: "Recipient is offline" and a button to send as SMS/MMS.


Later on another test message was sent and the recipient phone was dormant(?) again, there was a delay on delivering the message but this time the button to resend the message was used. Duplicates showed up on the recipient's Messages. One RCS and one SMS.


Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

My wife uses a pixel 3 XL (software up to date) and she keeps getting text messages of one's she already gotten days before. It's happened with different people she texts (1 person was on iPhone Xr and the other on a galaxy s20). She uses Android messages app.

Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

Hey @davolir!


That certainly sounds like an irritating issue to experience for sure! Receiving multiple messages from senders like this can happen occasionally if the sender has poor connectivity at the time of sending, the message will attempt to send at a later time, though this is usually right away it can be delayed. If it's happening with sent messages though I would definitely recommend reaching out to support at your convenience. Definitely let us know if you have any further questions.



Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

I'm here a lot

Have same issue and I can see it happens indeed with people you chat  a general. 2-3 SMS / day ...nothing happens. 10+....always doubles and triples. Recipient and I , we get doubles and triples. 

Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

Hello, @rikkko.


Thank you for joining this conversation; duplicate text messages can be annoying. 


Text messages can get duplicated for various reasons like using more than one messaging app, poor coverage, app or device issues, etc. 


Let's try isolating the issue; please respond to the following queries:

  • What phone make and model are you using?
  • Are you using the stock messaging app?
  • Have you enabled RCS?
  • Are you using WiFi calling?
  • When the texts are duplicated, are you indoors or outdoors?

We look forward to hearing from you.




Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

Hello and thank you for your answer. 

* One plus 9 Pro

* I use Textra

* Not sure, as I can not find it in settings

* NO wi-fi calling



As well , it happens only with people I text a lot.  My wife ( iphone), my brother ( android ) and my sister ( iphone). 

Re: Double / Failed Text Messages

Hello, @rikkko


Thanks for those additional details.


  • Do you have the same issues when using the stock SMS app that came with your device?
  • Are those three people using the same provider or a different provider?


We look forward to your response.



Re: Double / Failed Text Messages


I never tried the stock one. And yes...all three they use either Rogers either Fido. Which I guess counts as the same  ?