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eSIM Temporary number still showing

I've been around

I ported over 2 lines from Telus to Rogers about 2 months ago. I got 2 eSIMs with temp numbers while the porting was done. Both phones are iPhones.


One phone is fine but the other phone if I go to Settings>Cellular >SIMS - The Rogers eSim is still showing the temp number.  The number from Telus is ported over. The phone works but if someone tries to iMessage me to my cell number it comes as SMS not iMessage. Same with outgoing messages if I try to iMessage an iPhone to their cell number it goes as sms but if I iMessage their iCloud ID it uses iMessage.


There's 2 settings where my cell number (not the temp number) should be displayed:

Settings>Messages>Send & Receive - my iCloud ID is here but the old cell number is not. The temp number is here.


Settings>Name> Name,Phone Numbers, Email - Cell number shows here but there's an info button (circle with i), when I select it it says phone number not associated with SIM.


How do I update it? I tried restarting and I also saw another post about turning off iMessage  and then restarting but it still doesnt work. I did contact rogers support about this the a couple days after I did the port and they said the eSIM should automatically update and give it a couple days.


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Re: eSIM Temporary number still showing


Hello @Gmoney11 ,


We appreciate you joining us in the Rogers community and posting your issue here. 🙂


When activating a new SIM card on your line, it shouldn't take this long to kick in and begin to work. We would definitely like to take a closer look into this to see what might be happening. 


For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you,




Re: eSIM Temporary number still showing

I'm a senior contributor
You need to login to your Apple Account and allow the number to update. You might even be able to manually update it in your Apple Account. iMessage has nothing to do with the carriers.

Re: eSIM Temporary number still showing

I've been around
How did you resolve the issue?

Re: eSIM Temporary number still showing

Hello, @ab_chat.


I appreciate you joining this thread, and welcome to our Community! Has your number ported in, but is it showing the temporary number in iMessage? Have you tried to sign out/sign in to your Apple ID? If you need further assistance, please check this support article






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