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Worst services ever from Rogers Win Back team

I've been around

I signed up an iPhone 13 Pro Max with VirginPlus about a month ago. A week later, I received a call from Rogers Win Back team. They offered me the same phone with a cheaper price. The agent told me to return the phone back to VirginPlus and Rogers would ship the new phone within 24 hours.


So I returned my phone to VirginPlus. However, I haven't received anything from Rogers after a week! I called them to ask about what happened. They told me that the phone was out of stock temporarily and they will ship it in three weeks. They were saying that ``Don't worry you will get your phone"... Over a month, I haven't heard anything from them!!! When I contacted them, they told me that they don't have it anymore (Don't even care to tell me!). I asked a call back to renegotiate other offers. It's been five days... (They promised to return a call within 24 hours)


The smart move of them is never giving me a confirmation about the offer. They told me that I will receive the confirmation once they ship the phone. I guess I will never receive the phone!!!



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Re: Worst services ever from Rogers Win Back team


Good day @ItDoesntMatter3,


Welcome to the Rogers Community! We appreciate you took the time to bring this situation to our attention and can imagine the inconveniences caused by the delay in getting your new device.


If you were told the iPhone 13 Pro Max is currently backorder, it means that the product you wish to purchase is out of stock. Once inventory becomes available, your backorder will be filled. However, your actual shipping time may change if the manufacturer delays the shipment for any reason.


If you would like us to request a call back from the team in charge of your order or if you'd like to modify the device you originally picked, we can surely look into this further. Please send a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can gather your account information and if you're not familiar with our private messaging system, click here.


Kindly, let us know if this situation has evolved since you posted!



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