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When did Roger's Customer Service became so uncourteous and bad?

I've been around

Hello all,


Growing up, my family had always used Rogers Internet. I recently moved out to my place and specifically opted for Rogers services as opposed to other service providers. For the last few months, I have been experiencing multiple billing errors. The errors are significant i.e. double charging, charging for the service I never had, basically not abiding by the contract terms, and more importantly sneaking in weird cancellation clauses in the contract without letting me know. Whenever I call them to fix the error, they always become confrontational right of the bat and offer credit towards next bills. I never would have thought that I would experience these issues with Rogers.


My advice to everyone would be to consider alternative service providers than Rogers. Rogers is not the same anymore. The Customer Service along with their overall service have gone downhill recently. More specifically, if you are reading this, please read you service agreement documents thoroughly and frequently. Just to make sure that they haven't added any new clauses in the contract. They have some very weird service cancellation clauses nowadays. Just be very careful!!!!


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Re: When did Roger's Customer Service became so uncourteous and bad?


Hello @Mir8 ,


We appreciate you posting your billing experience here in our community. We're saddened to hear that it hasn't been very positive as of late. That is definitely not how we want you to feel after interacting with our support staff. Our customers are extremely important to us and we'll take this feedback away and try to do better moving forward!


When accepting a new price plan or promotion, we always recommend reviewing the Terms of Service and billing, and to let us know immediately if something doesn't look right. 


We genuinely appreciate yours and your family's business over the years and hope we can continue to do business with you in the future. 


Kind regards,




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