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Upgrade Saga

I've been here awhile

2 of my phones were coming up for end of term on Upfront. Got a call form a store, told them I have to return the upfront, they said they can't do that, I have to call Rogers. 

Tried online, just before finalizing, the upfront always disappeared. Showed only Financing. Got into the chat, the girl did not know what to do, so passed me up the line. The second one said she is the right on, she can do everything, so if I could hold 2-3 minutes. Waited a day, 24 hours later no answer.

So I called, Rogers they said I have to go to the store to get the upfront edge done.

I am with Rogers for ~25 years, since the first mobile phones came out, so I was not surprized. 

Went to the store, they said, no problem, they can do the Upfront edge. Than he did the 2 upgrades with financing, no upfront edge and told me I will have to pay $120 for the 2 upgrades. I said I could have that online free, I specifically came in the store for the Upfront Edge. He said I have to pay as he did the work.  He came from Bell, they must be ecstatic...

I said I did the same online countless times, I could have done it in 2 miinutes free, it was just a bug on the website. I was losing my patience as I am already paying between $300-$400-$500 every month for this service?

So losing 2 x $60 =$120 plus taxes, I expected everything will be smooth from now on... Keep on dreaming.

One phone arrived the next day. Amazing. Return kit? 10 days.

Second phone? Called the store, they told me to call Rogers, Rogers told me to call the store. Rogers confirmed that there is a note to ship a phone but no tracking number.

So I used the chat on the website the third time in this saga, I was 100th in the queue, waited it out. They confirmed the store never bothered ordering the phone, just charged me $60 for the order and activation on the non-existent phone.

Ordered again, let's see how it goes. 

Fingers crossed. 


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Re: Upgrade Saga


Good day @Csaba,


Welcome to the Rogers Community and thanks for sharing the details of your recent experience.


I appreciate you took the time to bring this up to our attention and would like to offer you our help, if need be. Does the overall situation require our immediate assistance? 


If you would like us to take account, we'll need to access to your account. Feel free to send a message to @CommunityHelps, when you have a chance, to allow us the opportunity to take a deeper look into this. 


To know how to send us a private message, check out this blog


Thank you!



Re: Upgrade Saga

I've been here awhile

Still waiting for the second upfront edge phone upgrade phone to arrive. It is full finance, could not get the upgrade edge done, nobody knew how to get it.

I've been charged $60 to upgrade, order it - and ended up never ordered. 

I find it unfair to charge for work not done.

Online chat solved the issue, waiting now for the phone to arrive.

Thanks for the offer, will connect if it does not get sorted.

Re: Upgrade Saga

I've been here awhile

Still waiting for the phone, My bill skyrocketed as the upfront edge phones got invoiced..

Re: Upgrade Saga

I've been here awhile

The saga continues.  New phones received, old phones returned, Rogers acknowledged it. However it is invoiced.  Called in to inquire about the credit. Told to pay just the net bill without the $1,700 upfront edge charge. Then I started to get the harrassing automated calls about the overdue account every 4 hours. Called in, was told I have to pay and it will be credited next month. Wanted to talk to a supervisor, the guy laughed and told me it is a 2 hour wait.  I said OK.  Got disconnected after about 90 minutes.

I am worried Rogers will hot me again with a suspension charge, like in October, when they did not credit the payment and charged me a horrendous amount as a "suspension" charge.


I see a serious deterioration of the service levels at Rogers, they drum up fake charges and it is impossible to talk to a knowledgable person at support. You get only machines or "people", who are less knowledgable than the scripted machines.

Re: Upgrade Saga

Greetings @Csaba!


Thank you for keeping us abreast of this situation.


The offer of assistance that was provided by @RogersMaude still remains open to you. Please feel free to PM us at anytime for further assistance.




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