Unable to get Support via Phones or Live Chat

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Unable to get Support via Phones or Live Chat

Trying to contact  billing support or make an account change as my contract is up, but phone support is down.  It says there is a longer wait then normal, then says we are having technical difficulty and then disconnects. 


Chat support seems to be bust as well.



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Re: Unable to get Support via Phones or Live Chat

Good morning @bahha,


So sorry to hear that you were having some difficulties connecting with one of our Customer Care agents, that must have been pretty frustrating, to say the least! 😟


Since posting, have you been able to reach anyone to get the support needed?


If you still need assistance with your billing and account, please feel free to reach out to us @CommunityHelps via PM and we'll do our utmost to help! For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you,