Refund Cheque Delay after Cancelling Services

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I've Been Around
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Refund Cheque Delay after Cancelling Services

Have Been Waiting For 3 Months Now On A Refund Since July, From A Service That Was Cancelled In June


Hi, I've been waiting on a refund from you guys since the end of July.  I cancelled my internet / cable services end of June and was mistakenly charged for it again end of July.  I've called dozens of times and every time I call you guys tell me that the cheque has been cancelled and re-issued.  It was issued end of July, then again in September, then again in October, but each time keeps getting cancelled and re-issued?  I updated my new address with you guys over 5 times now starting at the end of June and you claim you've sent it to the old address multiple times as well as the new address afterwards but have had to cancel and re-issue it again due to billing periods not lining up?  You owe me almost $300 that you took out of my account and have not shown any indication that I'm actually going to receive this money aside from constantly telling me I will and to wait another 3 weeks for it.  I have had to take loans and can no longer, leaving me short on this months rent and causing me to be evicted from my new place of residence.  By the time I wait another 3 weeks for it to arrive I won't even be at this address anymore.  You've caused me many issues and grief with this mix-up and are unable to tell me why I haven't received it yet other then I have to wait another 3 weeks, after the previous 3 weeks I had to wait, which was after the previous 3 weeks before that and so on.  Sounds confusing right?  Well it is.  I just want my money back that you unrightfully took and I'm tired of getting the run around from you guys when you've been telling me I was going to receive it around a quarter of a year ago.  I would have never thought that you guys were a scam company but now I'm starting to wonder.  I'm tired of noone being able to give me a straight answer and I just want my money that I work hard week in and week out for considering I don't have much and now will soon have nowhere to live because of you guys.  Thanks a bunch.


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Re: Refund Cheque Delay after Cancelling Services

Hello, @Volumes


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I cannot imagine how frustrating this entire ordeal has been for you. We definitely want to assist you with this matter and investigate it for you to see what is going on so we can find a solution. Please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can take a closer look at this for you and try to provide an update.


Not familiar with our Private Messaging system? Click Here.


We look forward to your response.



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Re: Refund Cheque Delay after Cancelling Services

I'm going up to a year since canceling with credit on my account. Had to call in last time I canceled too to get my money. I leave mail forwarding. So it doesn't make any sense.
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Re: Refund Cheque Delay after Cancelling Services

Hello, @archaicertes,


Thanks for posting your issue in the Community!


So sorry to hear about the delay in refunding your money. We definitely want to ensure you receive any funds you are entitled to.


In most cases, when there is an overpayment sitting on a cancelled account, we must wait for the final invoice to be issued before a refund can be processed. It can take up to 6 weeks for the final invoice to be sent. Once a refund has been requested, it should take roughly 3-5 business days if the refund is by credit card, or up to 3 weeks if the refund is sent through the mail by cheque. 


If you still have not received your refund, please do send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can investigate further. For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please CLICK HERE.


Thank you kindly,