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LikeWize Claim Not Honoured and False Allegations of Service

I've been around

Hi my Name is Leo and I had bought two brand new Iphone 14 Pro devices last year. One of my devices was a iPhone 14 Pro Purple with 128gb, the other was a 2nd line Iphone 14 Pro Gold with 256gb. The promotional offer at the time was get 1$ Device protection for your 2nd Line. In this case Being Iphone 14 Pro 256gb. I then went travelling in 2023 to Europe where I had my device lost/stolen as I got out of a taxi and that was the last time seeing the Gold 256gb Iphone. I then started a claim when I returned to Canada. Likewize asked me for all the appropriate information which was provided to them and I was told that I would be contacted within the next 24-72hrs about how to make my deductible payment via Visa Debit. I waited for 9 days with no call back so I called again and spoke to a new representative who had no idea about my claim even though I provided them with my Claim Service Request #. They then instructed me that I had to file a brand new claim over the phone and the Agent said “Not to worry I will walk you through the claim process.” Which He did, so Now Here I am having two service requests. for the same phone. He then instructed me to call back in 24-72hrs to make the payment over the phone and have a new device shipped out to me. Keep in Mind this whole time my 2nd device was my business phone so my business was taking a hit this whole time not being able to receive calls about work, meetings etc. Fast forward 4 days later when I called them back to make payment. The new agent on the phone then informed me that my claim was being escalated because I had made 2 service requests for the same phone and it was being Investigated for Fraud. I explained to him that I had full audio recordings of all calls made to and from Likewize. Where the audio recording showed proof that I had been told over the phone to file another service request by Likewize Representatives. The claim got escalated to Tier 2 and I spoke on the phone with the Supervisor who said that my Likewize Insurance was voided due to having 2 service requests for the same phone. Keep in Mind none of these requests had been fulfilled yet. They told me to call back in 24-72hrs again for a solution. Which resulted in Me calling them the following week to hear that they claimed to have already sent a new Phone through Applecare and that they had cancelled my Likewize coverage. I was absolutely appalled at the fact that I had not received any phone/ replacement device and now they are saying I have no coverage and they are claiming that I was given a new device when I asked them for information on where this device was sent and what kind it was etc. Serial Number, IMEI, they told me that they did not have that information for me. So I wanted to post in this forum in hopes that Rogers could step up and help resolve this matter before Proceeding with Legal Action against all Defendants involved.

Phone call recordings, emails and all other forms of contact between Me, Rogers & Likewize can be provided.

Here I am 10 months later, with no replacement phone, no information and no resolution. I currently been still paying the monthly financing amount of the iPhone 14 Pro 256gb Gold, even though I do not have the phone nor a replacement phone.


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Re: LikeWize Claim Not Honoured and False Allegations of Service


Good day @lennya2 ,


A warm welcome to our community forums and thanks for your detailed post. It's disappointing to hear that this has been your experience when dealing with Likewize. 😞


Based on your description, it sounds like you followed all of the necessary steps and provided the necessary documentation as requested. Since you've already escalated to their Tier 2 support with a negative result, I would recommend calling in to our Customer Care team with these details so they can try escalating your issue further. They will need to ask you some question and review your file to determine what can be done.


Our Customer Care team may be reached by telephone at 1-888-764-3771, 7 days per week from Mon-Sat: 7am to 10pm and Sun : 9am to 8pm (EST).


I wish you all the best with getting this resolved!


Kind regards,




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