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Ignite Bundle Price Increase

I'm here a lot

See Below,


I seriously think, timing sucks.  I haven't even had the chance to pay the third bill.  


Can you hear my thoughts on what I should do?




COVID19 Budget




Upcoming change to your Ignite Bundle service  


Hello Matthew,


With our Ignite Bundle services, we’re committed to delivering dependable WiFi throughout your home and next-generation TV technology to deliver you the best entertainment experience. We’re continually investing in our network to provide quality service and capacity to help enhance your digital life. While we try to minimize the impact on our customers, we occasionally make changes to some of our rates.

Here’s how this change will affect you:

On the date of your first bill after October 19, 2020, the monthly service fee for your Ignite Bundle will increase by $6 plus taxes. For your current rate, please refer to your most recent bill.

If you currently have a discount off your monthly rate, this discount will still apply to the new rate until your promotional period ends. If you’d like an updated Residential Service Agreement after this change takes effect, please call or chat with us at that time by visiting and clicking on General Inquiries. The rest of your Ignite Bundle will remain the same. This change is made in accordance with the CRTC Internet and Television Service Provider Codes.

If you have any questions or wish to change or cancel your services, please reach out to us in any of the ways listed on

Thank you for choosing Rogers.



Phil Hartling,
President, Connected Home Services
Rogers Communications



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Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

I'm a trusted advisor

Hello @MatthewBate

I agree this couldn't come at a worse time. They could have held back a bit longer until everyone started to settle into going back to work and paying off everything they had to pay off while we were in stage 1.

It seems Mr Phil H and the rest of the board of Rogers could have came up with a better solution and held back. They made alot during the past quarter on their wireless side and on their cable side too. I get they need to raise the pricing but right now shouldn't have been done. SMH whomever decided this? Either clearly doesn't care about the little guy or only cares about profits..

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

I'm preparing to just have internet and cancel my TV and home phone. I never watch TV anyway and I'd rather put my money towards other things that serve a purpose.

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

Hello @beansgood,


Thanks for joining us in the Rogers community and congrats on your first post with us! 🙂


Putting your money where it matters is definitely important. Sometimes it can be tough to determine needs from wants while balancing your budget, so I get where you are coming from. If you are currently on the fence with whether or not to keep your TV and home phone going, we can help with that! 


Please send us a Private Message @CommunityHelps so we can see what options are available to meet your needs and then we can go from there! For more information on how our Private Messaging system works, please check out our blog.


Thank you,



Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

Seriously, I have a one year  contract. These telecoms think that a contract is not a contract and they can do as they please. So no email or notice of change, I had to look it up on the internet.  Roger, Bell and Telus, they all suck. We need regulations. Let me guess, they are blaming CRTC. But in fact they probably applied for an increase. and the timing sucks, when we are stuck in our homes and for those of us that are alone, it really sucks.

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

I plan to stick around

Rogers typically provides you notification of a price increase at least 2 months before it takes effect. Have a look at your August invoice - It's usually in the very last section.


What I find peculiar is they remove the notification from all subsequent invoices.

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

I've been around

Dear @PhilHartling ,
We are all very disappointed.
What Rogers did is terrible.
There is no justification to increase the prices under these circumstances. The responsible action would be to support the Canadian communities in this pandemic instead of getting greedy to take advantage of the peoples vulnerable situation.

The worst part, Rogers never notify their customers about any price change, they just apply it. (for the 2nd time)

Please show some Canadian values and learn for the Hydro companies.

More profit should not be your goal, please act responsibly.

Thank you.

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

While I havent specifically looked for this increase, generally in the past 95% of the time, the price increase or change was listed in the bill itself.

Now, especially with all billing pretty much all has gone digital, most people are not looking at ALL the details on their bill unless there is a price change/charge they are not expecting.
While I have seen I think once when i have gone in to one of the sections (say TV) and there was a notification box on some change there.. not sure if that is always the case.
I know that these changes in the past, were always in the 'bill proper' so to speak, the paper bill, or the digital version.  They likely would be viewable in the PDF version of the bill.

That being said... not everyone looks at that.. and these changes should be FRONT AND CENTER when you go into the myrogers section.

(as I have been here long enough.. that even when people were getting the paper bill primarily.. a good portion were STILL not checking the full details of the bill.   For almost 2 years they were announcing the cut off of Analog TV.   Yet almost daily there were people coming on here completely blindsided by the cut off)

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

@TheArchitect wrote:
1. Rogers never notify their customers about any price change, they just apply it. (for the 2nd time)

2. Please show some Canadian values and learn for the Hydro companies.

1. As mentioned before, Rogers always lists the price changes a few months before the change comes into effect. For me this was in my August bill. The announcements were included just following the relevant sections of the bill; for example after the TV section, then after the Internet section and then after the Home Phone section. For some people, no amount of notice is enough, whether it's in the bill or on the website.


2. The Hydro companies aren't doing anything. It's the provincial government that is subsidizing the hydro bills with "rebates" that are lowering the hydro bills.  They are taking your tax dollars and moving money from your left pocket to your right pocket.  Most people (taxpayers) are actually no further ahead.  It's all sleight of hand.

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

I've been here awhile

The way of Rogers practicing there business is really disappointing and frustrating. On Sep. 06, received email from Rogers to confirm they have offered me a year agreement price, right in next bill, they increased 3 dollars on monthly fee without any notice, I made painful calls and they told me they raised 3 dollars monthly fee that obviously already on my bill, my bill due date is 9th of the month, I paid on 3rd of the month but I got late payment charge on my next bill. I made painful calls again, the lady firstly suggested me to pay as early as possible, I asked her why 6 days prior to the due date is still not early enough, how many days earlier than the due date is good enough, she then figured another reason, she said the late payment was caused by Rogers transferring money from 9 digits to 12 digits system, my account was 9 digits, so she set up my account from 9 to 12 digits. And then next bill, I got surprised again, they increased $10 dollars on monthly charge from modem that alway no charge for about 10 years since I used Rogers internet. From Sep 2020 when I received agreement with new price for a year, by Dec.2020 I got $13 increase. I am really tired with Rogers now. This is not moral way to do business.

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

I've been around

I received rogers bill and found again another increase in bill for which I am very much upset  

I tried to call several times in the last month regarding long distance charged for which I have never used my home phone as I have  mobile phone and use for all long distance calls but Rogers have charged over $5 for which I could not understand and actually I am wasting money for home phone as I got it in Rogers Bundle Ignite.

Now I checked another increase in one month in my bundle service and I request you to remove Sports channel for which I am paying $15 right now and from next month there will be another increase of $3 so by removing this SPORT CHANNEL I will be saving $18 plus tax. I am a senior citizen and I can't afford these increases and please reply as soon as possible so that you should not charge $18 . I have extremely bad experience whever I call on phone and wasted six hours in five days while holding my line.

(Removed personal info - Keep personal info private - RogersMoin)

Re: Ignite Bundle Price Increase

Hi @rkchadda,


Thank you for joining the conversation. We certainly understand the need to ensure that your bill is thoroughly explained so that there are no shocks when receiving the bill. We can go over your bill to provide any information, explain any changes to the prices, and also see if there are any ways to reduce costs and find any additional savings.


Please feel free to send us a private message to @CommunityHelps so we can assist you further. For more information on how our private messaging system works, please check out our blog.



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