Data Usage - How Far Can Your Data Go

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Data Usage - How Far Can Your Data Go

As per my google search is says for 1 gig of data you can watch youtube at an average of 5 hours. I got all my other apps toggled not to use date on one of my bus trips and watches a couple of videos. When i checked from my 5 gig plan, 1.6 gigs was used. I know there is a delay of 12 hours, but i am 100% sure i was using wifi all day before my trip since I was only at home. I watched a good 20-30 minutes of medium resolution videos and i got a notification that i have used 90% of my data. How can this be?! any tips? And should i go to rogers about this?




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Re: Data Usage - How Far Can Your Data Go

Hello @Sbusinos30,


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I know it's important to keep track of data usage to ensure you've not gone over the allotted data in your plan. Auto-play videos, location services, push emails are few of the several different ways your data is constantly used. 


I would recommend you to check out the Tips to Manage Wireless Data Usage page to find ways to best optimize your wireless data.


Hope this helps :).






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Re: Data Usage - How Far Can Your Data Go

If you know you want to watch videos on your several hour bus trip, why not download the videos to your device prior to departing. Use home Wifi data instead of cell data.


I do this when heading off on a plane. Of course no cell data at 32,000 feet.

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Re: Data Usage - How Far Can Your Data Go

Rogers Zia is correct. when your using data on your phone, your phone also multi-tasks in the background and uses data to check emails, to download software updates, to check app updates, to check lottery and jackpot results, to check financial institution transactions, etc your apps are always running and using data, you can configure your phone to only allow one app but you have to do this yourself, rogers can not help you with this, as its an android feature not a rogers feature