Very poor communication when porting

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Very poor communication when porting

One of the worst experiences with a company that claims to have good customer service. Cancelled my service with Virgin. Didn't give me a temp number, didn't give me a new sim card even though I told them I didn't have the phone for the line I was porting to. Asked me call a number to resolve and the number called didn't have service that day.



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Re: Very poor communication when porting

Hello @dylanreid098,

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I can imagine how upsetting your first experience has been so far! May I know how the port request was initiated? In person or over the phone? 


If it was over the phone, were you advised that a SIM card will be mailed to you? How long ago did you activate a new line with Rogers?


As for the number they provided you, did the automated message have a department name?



Just need a little bit more information to assist you further.