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Clueless service call

I've been here awhile

Last week we had a Rogers service call to replace a noisy Ignite gateway. Everything was working fine except the gateway was quite noisy after 4 years. A subcontractor showed up. He proceeded to tell us our cable line coming to the house was poor and needed to be replaced. He then installed a new line from the junction box 4 houses down all the way to our backyard running the line over our neighbours fences. He then replaced the gateway. The gateway he installed was obviously a refurbished item. It was chipped and scratched and had a serial and model number older than your installed Gateway. When I asked for another gateway he said that they all looked like that since all replacement Gatways are refurbished.


Laying out the cable and installing the modem took him an hour. He then spent the next 3 hours trying to get everything to work. As mentioned everything was working ok before he showed up. He blamed the issues he was having on Rogers technical service not being cooperative with him and having to call them back so often and be forced to wait on line for a Technical rep.


After 4 hours he finally got us up and running. Now we have to wait for a real Rogers service crew to come and bury the cable sitting on our lawn. And the gateway is even louder than the one we had before. The fan is almost constantly running at high speed making a high pitched whine.

Makes me wonder why I pay the exorbitant price Rogers bills me every month.


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Re: Clueless service call

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I don't have Ignite, but I am easily annoyed by loud fans.

While you wait for a new modem, try aiming a quieter fan at the noisy modem, in hopes that the modem will be then cool enough to avoid using its own fan as often. You can also try to blow out any dust that might be trapped inside.

Although Rogers makes it difficult to have a specific model mailed out to its customers, you could reach out to Rogers via "Contact Us" (scroll down to bottom of any page and click the link) and then "Share a Concern" links to ask for a Supervisor to attempt to get your next Rogers tech to bring one of the quieter XB7 modems along, so as to make an easier exchange. You might need to get an Office of the President agent to arrange an XB7 modem delivery via tech support, if the Supervisor refuses to help with the XB7 exchange.

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Note: If however, you have to wait for a XB7 modem to be mailed to you, it might interfere with your ability to exchange Flex tv channels (during the modem transition).

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