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A free tablet which is not free and illegal charges

I've been around

I am here to launch an official complaint , It is about Rogers sending me tablets which I did not ask for and after 2 years of me not using the tablets or the lines associated to them , Rogers start charging me for the data usage , Which I never used , just because they can get away with that.


This is so disappointing and actually illegal .  I never asked for the tablets and I did not intend to use them and never used them and they will not reverse the charges they did.


An illegal practice which should stop.




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Re: A free tablet which is not free and illegal charges

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hello jmadba1228,


I totally agree with you that you should not be on the hook for a free tablet you never used or opened.


I never experienced this happen to me, maybe because of me being over cautions has helped prevent these things from happening to me? I don't know what to say but every time I sign up for something or change my plan, my natural instinct would be to end the  sales pitch as quickly as possible but in reality I do the opposite, i force myself to ask as many questions as possible, I force myself to read the fine print, and I ask every single question to the sales associate before i end the call or walk out of the store, after all I am the consumer.


If I get a hardware I never asked for, I will try to see where I agreed to it or not, I will check if it affects my billing and also try to return it as quickly as possible if that is the case.  I also do not  take free promo channels because of the same reason, my friend got netflix free from rogers then forgot to cancel it and now got billed a few months, and I warned him to do that but he didnt pay attention now he told me "you were right pauly" i should have listened to you.  so the moral of the story, is be proactive not reactive with any phone company, yes its hard to do this because  you cant just go with the flow anymore you actually have to do hard work and think a lot but in the end you will less chance of getting screwed

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