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Fox News Keeps Freezing (My Channel 181)

I've been here awhile

A home with two TV's and two 4642HD NextBoxes.


Over the past few months FoxNews has been randomly freezing on an image and recovering 30-60 seconds later.  When this happens, it happens on both TV's at the same. Rebooting the NextBoxes does not clear the problem


Today the bad behavior changed a bit.  Today I see a frozen screen, for 5-10 seconds followed by a black screen for 2-4 seconds with an occasional few seconds of regular moving screen.  This happens on both TV's simultaneously.


Oddly, sometimes the problem goes away when Rogers broadcasts one of its own commercials in the commercial break segments of the Fox broadcast.


Anyone have any similar problems or solutions ?




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Re: Fox News Keeps Freezing (My Channel 181)

I've been here awhile

We have 2 Explorer 8300HD PVR's and both were doing the same thing yesterday.  Freezing and flashing a black screen off and on every few to 10 seconds.  Audio seemed to come through okay, but is was irritating watching Cavuto with the screen blinking and freezing.  This seemed to be the only channel as flipped around a bit.  Too bad Rogers does not offer Fox Business as their could have been an alternate when the main Fox News channel is not working.

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