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Resolved! Legacy TV - TV Ontario has NO Sound

Rogers is aware of last night's fibre cut in Ontario (by another provider), and the community thread about Service Interruptiions shows that most of the Toronto subscribers (for both Legacy TV and Ignite TV) are now good to go; the rest are estimated...

mebe by I'm a Senior Contributor
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CityTV Toronto HD picture problems for months

Last year, another poster mentioned that CityTV was randomly freezing, then showing a green or black screen. When that problem was eventually fixed, the problem came back, but now there is a different picture problem with the CityTV Toronto HD channe...

mebe by I'm a Senior Contributor
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NFL Sunday Ticket - Every Live Game. Every Sunday.

  The NFL is back! Catch every Sunday afternoon game with NFL Sunday Ticket from Rogers – up to 200 regular season games for just $249.99/season.Ignite TV: Channels 472 to 481. To order, say “NFL Sunday Ticket” into your Voice Remot...

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Inconsistent identification of TSN channels

In 2014, expanded their network with the rebranding of TSN to TSN1, and the introduction of TSN3, 4, and 5.  Since that time, you've identified these channels as follows on your network: 494: TSN1H495: TSN2H496: TSN3H497: TSN4H498: TSNH5 The, "H," is...

Broadcast of PPV preshows stop 10 minutes early

I have noticed that the broadcast of free preshows on Sportsnet Pay Per View (channel 348) ends 8-10 minutes early; with the screen first turning entirely black and then the standard message shown: "This PPV event will start in (time)".  The broadcas...

Incorrect programming information for Sportsnet Pay Per View?

Sportsnet Pay Per View (channel 348) appears to be showing incorrect programming information.The standard definition channel (350) is showing Impact Wrestling Slammiversary 2022 at 8:00 p.m., which should be correct, while the high definition channel...

Fox News Keeps Freezing (My Channel 181)

A home with two TV's and two 4642HD NextBoxes.   Over the past few months FoxNews has been randomly freezing on an image and recovering 30-60 seconds later.  When this happens, it happens on both TV's at the same. Rebooting the NextBoxes does not cle...

equalizer by I've Been Here Awhile
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Adding and deleting older digital boxes like SA3250HD, 4250HD, 8300HD

Through the years I have purchased many digital TV boxes - these were probably all a decade or more ago.  Boxes such as SA33200s, SA3250HDs, SA4250HDs and SA8300HDs.  I have had about 10 or boxes on my account and some of these boxes have now died, a...

wayner92 by I'm a Reliable Contributor
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Nextbox 3 HD bug - Scheduled Recording and PIP

I use a NextBox 3.0 HDPVR. I have encountered an annoying bug. Here are some steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Schedule a program to be recorded.2. When the program starts recording, switch the box to another channel.3. Open up Picture-in-Picture an...

Nick68 by I've Been Here Awhile
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Resolved! MSNBC Feeds?

Has anyone noticed a problem with their MSNBC feeds? Every morning there should be Morning Joe on at 6am. However, for the past few weeks, the show starts and is then switched to the 11th hour, their evening broadcast. This is similar to what used to...

akselsoft by I Plan to Stick Around
  • 5 replies

Black screens on many channels

Last night around midnight, I was watching TV and then the screen went black and an brief error message was displayed but I can not recall exactly what it said. I tried for about 10 minutes to get any channel to work but nothing would come up.  I che...

Kim17 by I've Been Here Awhile
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Which Digital Boxes Are Currently Supported?

Hi,   Am thinking of possibly becoming a Rogers cable TV subscriber again. Do the following boxes still work on Rogers: HD Explorer 4250 Nextbox PVR3.0   Thanks, Stan       ***Edited Labels***

Stan888 by I've Been Here Awhile
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