Home monitoring camera

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Re: Home monitoring camera

If you have the camera in the middle of the driveway, one thing you could do is back the truck into it's spot. In that way the thief would be in the middle of the frame for both vehicles and you'd be closer to the front door when it rains...

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Re: Home monitoring camera

Hi @RogersTony,

I've chatted with Customer Support in Moncton whom confirmed to me (on two separate occasions) that this is a known problem in that the rule causes the 24/7 recording to stop.

I'll try testing this again at home over the weekend and report back but I've simply accepted this.
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Re: Home monitoring camera

someone please answer this, I would like to know as well.  BTW, this is such a bad system for the money.  I'm just waiting for my contract to expire than will be switching to someone else.

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Re: Home monitoring camera

If you are looking for a 24/7 monitoring type camera, you would be best to not go with any of the alarm company ones.  Generally they are not great for this.

You would be much better going with a full blown separate stand alone DVR based camera system.

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Re: Home monitoring camera

Couple of questions on this:

1. I just bought a microSD card and put it in the system for continuous taping.  I assume that the only way to view the taped video is to put the card in a laptop/pc and view it with a media player

2. You say that it's a known issue and you've accepted it.  Does that mean I should remove any rule related to that specific camera?




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Re: Home monitoring camera

Hello, @kimmal


I can appreciate your inquiry regarding the 24/7 recordings on the Touchscreen. 😃


The Touchscreen encrypts the data that is recorded on the card so that only it can read it. You cannot view any of the recordings directly from the SD card and it is not recommended to remove it from the Touchscreen. If you must remove the SD card please ensure you disable the 24/7 recording feature and then remove the card.


To view the recordings you will have to insert a USB drive and then download the recordings to the USB. This is the only way to get an unencrypted version of the video file. Insert a USB drive into the right side of the Touchscreen. From the Touchscreen press on the Camera widget, then press on View Recorded Video, then in the top right corner you should see a watermarked Save to USB. Follow the steps on screen to download content to your USB drive.


With regards to your second inquiry, I have tested this on my system and I am unable to replicate this issue. It may not be affecting all users. If this is affecting you, please send a Private Message to @CommunityHelps so we can escalate this for you.


Not familiar with our Private messaging system? No problem, Click Here.


I hope this helps!



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Re: Home monitoring camera

I can also confirm that my system stops recording as well.  I have noticed this on three separate occasions over the past 6 months or so.  The first was because a police officer wanted to know if my camera captured a road rage assault in front of my house . . . I said sure let me check my recordings only to find it hadn't been recording anything for months . . . super embarrassing!


Just today, I went to check my history and the last recording was from Dec 13.  There are no warnings or messages of any kind to indicate recordings have ceased.  I have replaced the card but that is definitely not the issue.  Today when I tried to re-enable recording, the touchpad asked me to insert a SD card which was already inserted.  I had to reboot the touchscreen and was able to re-enable recording.  I do have a rule in place to save a 15 second clip on motion and just removed it to see if that helps.