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Smart home monitoring billing

I've been here awhile

We renegotiated expired discounts with Rogers in December for ignite bundle and smarty home monitoring. From December to February no issues. On March 20th we received an email saying our “partner discount ” on smart home monitoring had bern removed. No explanation just this email.

We contacted rogers over chat and learned an unauthorized change was made to our account on smart home monitoring to remove our discount. No notes were left at rogers. The agent and the smart home monitoring team team investigated the issue for over an hour and seem to suggest we received a discount we shouldn’t have. The discounts were negotiated over extended interactions in December of many hours. Notes/recording would all be available. Our statements clearly show the discounts being applied in the following months and now all of a sudden without discussion they remove them and I’m not waiting on almost two others as the onus is on me to escalate through these chats to convince someone to reinstate the discount Rogers offered and we agreed to back in December. How does this make any sense?



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Re: Smart home monitoring billing

I've been here awhile
To add, I’m on my second hour now and waited an hour for an escalation since the original chat!

It’s ridiculous we all have to go through this cycle of renegotiating discounts every 1-2years but to have this happen 3 months into a new agreement is unbelievable. I’m stunned an unauthorized change was made by tigers on our account, with no notes and no consideration to at least calm us to investigate if they thought there really was an issue! What’s laughable is they thought I had contacted rogers on March 20th to cancel the discount. In what world does a client call a provider to cancel a discount!

Re: Smart home monitoring billing

I've been here awhile
And unbelievably they’ve now cut off the chat while I was waiting to be transferred to to an escalation since the original agent and team couldn’t reinstate the discount they offered and applied in December.

Re: Smart home monitoring billing

Hello Vici,


Thank you for you post to the Rogers Community and we are sorry to learn about your situation surrounding your Smart Home Monitoring billing issue.


Were you able to resolve this issue since posting this message? We'd be happy to take a deeper look into this, if need be.


To do so, we'd need access to your account. Please send a message to @CommunityHelps if you require further assistance. 


To know how to send a private message, click here





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