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MyRogers Site Issues

I've Been Here Awhile

While using the MyRogers website on Google Chrome, I am unable to change my flex channels and I keep getting a message that reads: "Alert: Technical Error. Sorry, there's a problem on our end. Thanks for your patience while we work to fix it". This is been an issue for over a week now. Meanwhile, on Microsoft Edge, when I log into my account, the MyRogers site erroneously thinks I'm in Nova Scotia (I'm in Ontario) and therefore I can't even check anything relating to my internet or TV and I keep seeing ads for Rogers Wireless. This is ridiculous.


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Re: MyRogers Site Issues

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@comeasyouare101 wrote:

...the MyRogers site erroneously thinks I'm in Nova Scotia (I'm in Ontario)

When using a browser, near the top of the screen you should be able to select the province from a dropdown list.


Also when you get an error message, try the back button in your browser and when you get back to the screen where you can select the Flex channel options, try again.


Sometimes you may be seeing a cached page instead of the real page.  Clear your cache and cookies in your browser. Check out the following tips for dealing with the Rogers websites.  Using Incognito often helps too...


PS. The Rogers websites are a real pain, that's why I developed the above tips as workarounds for the many issues Rogers customers encounter.

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