Ignite WiFi Hub - Scheduled downtime not working

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Ignite WiFi Hub - Scheduled downtime not working

I have downtime scheduled on my kids iPhone and iPad and it’s not working... even though my ignite app says the downtime is schedule; I continue to see my kids able to access the internet on their tablets. It worked when I first set it up for a day or two and hasn’t worked since even when I try to reset the downtime.


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Re: Ignite WiFi Hub - Scheduled downtime not working

Hello, @Andy1977.


Welcome to Rogers Community Forums!


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community. Is the Downtime Schedule not working with only one profile? I appreciate you trying to reset the downtime; it's good troubleshooting. 


Have you tried the Pause Device option? For testing purposes, from the Devices menu, select the device and select Pause Device. 


If the device doesn't pause (it may take some time to pause an active session), please reboot the modem. 


Let us know the outcome.