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Can't remove wireless number from account contact details

I've been here awhile

So I'm changing employers soon and will lose access to my mobile number.  I won't have a new phone to replace it right away and have no access to another mobile number in my household.


I tried to remove the number from my account profile on the Rogers website but it can only be replaced with a new wireless number (not even my Rogers land line).


It seems to me this is a privacy and a security issue.  The new person with that phone number will be able to access my account and they may also be contacted by Rogers about my account. 


The rep on the support chat says there is no way to remove the number without a new one.  


Has anyone else experienced this?



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Re: Can't remove wireless number from account contact details

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Hi DeanoL,

I need a little more clarification on your post.  This is what I understand so far, you are leaving your job/employer.  You will be losing access to your mobile number?   Did your work provide you with a mobile line?   If the answer was yes, then the mobile line and number belongs to your work/employer.


When the company requests to take the line away from you upon termination of employment, they may give the line to another employee, this employee will NOT have access to your information, the lines are set up in the name of the company, not individual, unless someone royally screwed up and created a personal account for you under your name and billed it to the company, which is a big no-no in my mind and is totally incorrect.


You will need to delete your myrogers account once you give up the line and your business rep who handles your companys telecom needs will update the profile with the new employee email address if required.


Re: Can't remove wireless number from account contact details

I've been here awhile

Sorry... I wasn't overly clear :).


This is my personal Rogers account.  I used my work cell phone for the wireless number on the account -- it is not a Rogers number.  So I'll no longer have access to the work cell number and won't have a replacement, but Rogers can't remove it from my account.

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