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Wifi calling and Whatsapp wifi issues

I've been here awhile

Sometimes my whatsapp won't work on wifi and it sends me a message to permit it to use data instead same goes for wifi calling. It tells me that my wifi might be blocking it. I don't believe that's the case. Please help.



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Re: Wifi calling and Whatsapp wifi issues


Hello, @Rjobeid.


Thank you for posting your concern in the Community; it looks like the WiFi connectivity is getting blocked.


Please answer the following so that we have a full overview of the issue:


  • Is the WiFi calling and Whatsapp impacted only one device?
  • Do you have a similar issue for different apps on the same device?
  • What's the make and model of the device?
  • What's the model of the modem?
  • Are you using your own router?

We look forward to hearing from you.




Re: Wifi calling and Whatsapp wifi issues

I plan to stick around
Hi RogersMoin. Having the same issues. I suspect it’s ipv6 blocking. I have the black ignite router with the most current firmware(Rogers equipment) . I disabled ipv4 firewall entirely, there is a bug it ipv6 firewall UI where’s it wouldn’t accept to disable the firewall. Firewall logs increment when trying WhatsApp video chat but it’s always gray when call is accepted, no audio or video. Multiple iPhones XR and two iPhone 12s. Works in cellular, but not in wifi.

I opened a ticket but it’s been over a month. Techs have reached out to WhatsApp.

Re: Wifi calling and Whatsapp wifi issues

Retired Moderator
Retired Moderator

Hey @Artine!


Can you confirm for us if you have "Protected Browsing" enabled on your Ignite WiFi hub? You can read more about it here. If so, disable and let us know if the issue persists. If persisting or not enabled feel free to reach out to us via PM @CommunityHelps and we can check on the status of that ticket for you.


You can read more about our PM system here.



Re: Wifi calling and Whatsapp wifi issues

I plan to stick around

Hello @RogersAndy 

Yes, I can confirm the "Protected Browsing" has is off and have never been turned on.

I have disabled IPv4 firewall, but the UI doesn't allow to save disabling IPV6 firewall for troubleshooting.

I can see IPV6 drops, but not specific enough to validate the whatsapp tcp/udp ports.

The Ticket C163640688 was closed without resolution. 


All logs for Today    

FW.IPv6 INPUT drop , 2197 Attempts, 2021/4/04 11:32:03Firewall Blocked 
FW.IPv6 FORWARD drop , 1652 Attempts, 2021/4/04 11:32:03Firewall Blocked


Re: Wifi calling and Whatsapp wifi issues

I've been here awhile

I am facing the same issue. No idea what to do. Any update on this issue?

Re: Wifi calling and Whatsapp wifi issues

Update: Changing the firewall settings to default on admin page solved the issue for me.
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