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Wifi Connectivity Issues

I've been around

Our Ignite Wifi has and continues to be horrible. Everyday I’m having to resort to rebooting the modem, rebooting all the connected devices and hope for the best. It was really good for a long time and very reliable but now it’s horrible. Dialup would probably be better at this point. How can we get this resolved??


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Re: Wifi Connectivity Issues


Greetings @tdm_55 !


Thanks for joining us in the Community and sharing your recent experience. We're sad to hear that it hasn't been great. 😞


Just a few questions for you to help clarify what is happening at your end:


- What exactly are you seeing happen when using your internet service? Eg: Lag when streaming/gaming, packet loss, random disconnections, etc. The more details, the better!

- Are multiple devices being affected simultaneously or is it a specific device? And around what time(s) of day/night is it happening?

- Have you recently made any changes to your set-up, equipment or services? (Eg: relocation of modem, adding new equipment, service changes, etc.)

- Have you tried running a speed test using a direct, Ethernet connection? (Please remove any third-party equipment while running the test) You may use: to run your test. Please try to disconnect any other secondary devices during the test for the most accurate results.


**If posting any test results here in the Community, please first remove any identifying info like IPs, etc.


We hope to hear from you soon so we can assist with further troubleshooting!





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