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Unplayable ping gaming

I've been here awhile

I got Rogers ignite 1gig 2months ago, I game on PC quite a lot. Around 5 nights a week around 9pm-1 or 2pm plus sometimes during the morning/day also.
The 1st month of being on ignite I had 0 issues
Speeds were high ranging from 300-600 and my latency in game would be at best 35ms and at worst around 60ms but stable regardless and I was satisfied the whole month(using wifi as my pc setup is not near my gateway), no complaints. I then went on vacation for a week and since being back the past 3 weeks night time gaming is simply unplayable. I have had 2 nights out of the 3 weeks where it was as stable as in month 1 but every other night I hit latency as high as 999ms most of the night happening randomly and often like every 10-20-30 seconds or every time I get into a gun fight or interact with something in game.
I noticed after around 12:30am some nights it would become stable again.
the same latency spikes will happen but less often during the day. I contacted Rogers a few times and a guy came out to check inside and outside on my property. mentioned there had recently been complaints in the area of poor internet, he then made a ticket for someone to check further down the line. But still no change. I then called in again and there was a ticket made to have a maintenance check in my area. That ticket was completed yesterday but tonight was just the same if not worse as even after 12:30am I tried to play and it was unplayable. So I got on chat with an agent and they have made yet another ticket and are going to email me with any updates in the next 48hrs.

Why is it so bad right now after being great month 1

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Re: Unplayable ping gaming


Hello, @JEGT


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can imagine how frustrating it is trying to game online when you are dealing with latency issues.


We definitely want to help you investigate this issue. Please follow the steps listed in our knowledge base article here: Troubleshooting Latency (Wired Devices). We'll need the results of a ping test and a traceroute showing the latency. It would need to be obtained from the command prompt using a wired device.


You can post the results to the community to review. Please be sure to redact any personal information like your IP address.





Re: Unplayable ping gaming

I've been here awhile
Thanks tony for responding and yes I’ll get that data up on here shortly
I’m also talking to an electrician to get a wired connection to my pc at some point will post results at some point this weekend
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