Unable to turn off Bridge mode

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Unable to turn off Bridge mode

There's lots of help on how to turn on Bridge mode but not a lot talking about problems turning it off (that I could find). I disabled bridge mode in the modem at but the settings don't appear to take. I get the wifi back up and running and my phone and laptop can connect to it but if I try and use the Ignite app it says the bridge is still enabled. I even tried a factory reset and it continues to be a problem. Anyone else encounter this?


I did leave my router attached but I turned off wifi so it should have only been working as a switch for the wired connections.


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Re: Unable to turn off Bridge mode

@mardill  I'm not sure what could be going on here.  When you log into the XB6 through the web management UI, there are two indicators that will show that Bridge Mode is enabled:

  1. In "Gateway > At a Glance", Bridge Mode: [Enable] / [Disable] will show "Enable" selected (green).
  2. There is also an indicator on the on the top-left of the page that explicitly says, "The Device is currently in Bridge Mode."




If you do not see this, if "Bridge Mode: Disable" is selected, and if WiFi is enabled and your devices are able to connect, that's another confirmation that Bridge Mode is indeed disabled.


The Ignite WiFi mobile app actually interacts with Rogers servers, so if you see an error there, it's not indicative that the XB6 is in bridge mode, just that the Rogers servers have not picked up on the change in the XB6's status for whatever reason.


Do you see a similar error if you try to access the Ignite WiFi Hub web portal?