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MAC filtering - Access Control limit

I've been around
Using MAC filtering to manage wireless devices (for a number of years with various modems).
In CGN3ACSMR  go to Access Control and use "Allow Listed" with the MAC addresses
Just tried to add another device  but hitting "Save" locks up the interface 
Modem continues to work but HITRON screen is frozen and can not login to modem interface from any device.
Need to reboot
Last entry was not saved
This scenario occurred with 2 separate modems
Is there a limit on the number of devices in the Access Control list? Is this a big?
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Re: MAC filtering - Access Control limit


tHello, @query2u.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums! 🙂


Thank you for posting your query in the Community. Securing your network with a device filter like MAC Address filtering is brilliant. We have discussed this topic previously in our Community if I correctly remember there is a limit of ten devices.


Is the modem freezing while you are trying to add the eleventh device?




Re: MAC filtering - Access Control limit

My guess would be 9 or 10.

Seems like most of the lists on them are limited to that..
Even stuff like the Port forwarding, etc, are limited to 9ish items.

Re: MAC filtering - Access Control limit

I've been around

Re the limit of 10 MAC addresses, this has always been a constraint for me.    With all of our devices, and 2 sons  we easily need 15.  Does anyone know a way around this?

Re: MAC filtering - Access Control limit

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

Not on the Hitron modem, no 😞

The newest modems, used for the Ignite TV service (the Arris and Technicolor), have access to the ignite wifi app, which allows you full control over all the MACs for all the devices ,putting into profiles per users.  Can lock all devices, rules, etc per user, then it locks all their devices.

Re: MAC filtering - Access Control limit

I've been around

I know this is old - but Where can I do mac filtering on the rogers ignite modem. I can't find it. I called rogers they say it is capable of filtering but they won't tell me how to do it as that is not standard practice.

They told me if I can figure it out I can go ahead and do it.


Re: MAC filtering - Access Control limit

Hello, @Nech770


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums!


I can understand how important it is to be able to use mac filtering features on your modem.


These features are built into the parental controls available in the Ignite WiFi Hub App / Website. You can find more information on how to use these features by visiting our support articles Turn On Parental Controls with Ignite WiFi Hub & FAQs about Parental Controls on Ignite WiFi Hub


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns after reviewing these support documents.



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