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Internet Service cannot be relied on!

I've Been Here Awhile

Over the past number of  years I have had constant trouble with Internet Dropping and TV Pixilating. I have had more service techs to my house than I can count. I have also had senior techs out who stated it was a maintenance issue. I have had the cable from my house replaced, the model replaced and a new line run around my house a hole drilled in the brick wall but I sill loose internet at least once every workday and often it is very slow outside of that. Senior Service Tech indicated the issue was in the tap line or even further up from that yet anytime I call all Rogers want to do is send another tech to my house for what has to be 50 times..... Maintenance says its not them . I even had Rogers convince me that I needed to step up to a higher internet package to get the better modem and this didn't fix it. Now Rogers wants me to spend more again to go to Ignite because they say this will fix it.  I would have left a long time ago but most of the other companies use the save cable infrastructure so i will have the same issue. Now I will be stepping to a slower service with Bell to hopefully get something reliable. 26 Year customer gives up!



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Re: Internet Service cannot be relied on!

I Plan to Stick Around

I'm lucky enough to be moving house in the new year, so we can get Bell.  We have the same issue.  Every 6 months they make a big show of fixing "Services in your Area".  Still get most games reporting "Unstable Connection".


The problem is the infrastructure on upload traffic.  Their network is just not designed for gaming traffic that requires low latency on upload packets.  If they wanted to fix it.  They would have to bin most of their hardware and firmware and start again.


Just so you know though.  If you do buy Internet from 3rd party ROGERS vendors like COGECO, the problem is not as bad.  The heart of the issue is the ROGERS QOS and metering firmware on their servers and if you go through a 3rd party provider you get tunneled bandwidth on Rogers and bypass most of their firmware so you skip the bottleneck.

Re: Internet Service cannot be relied on!

I'm a Senior Contributor
Cogeco is not a 3rd party reseller. They are their own cable company.

Re: Internet Service cannot be relied on!

I've Been Here Awhile

That is correct which is why you never have Cogeco and Rogers in the same area as one of them owns the local infrastructure. Wonder if theirs can handle freeze thaw cycles as Rogers clearly cannot.

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