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Ignite modem constantly shuts down

I've Been Around

My new ignite modem is sporadically going off usually seems to be at night.

So I wake up to no internet and need to pull the plugs on my modem and switch and reset everything. The reset in the app will not fix the issue when this occurs.

I thankfully have yet to return my CODA and seriously starting to debate on switching back to it.

Is there any updates or anything I can do to make this actually reliable - Also drops my amazon blink mini cameras in garage.

any help would be amazing


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Re: Ignite modem constantly shuts down

I'm a Reliable Contributor
Sounds like a defective unit. Do you hear the fan going? It may be overheating and shutting down. Either way, you should open a support case for a replacement. Your CODA will not work for your Ignite config.

Re: Ignite modem constantly shuts down

I've Been Around

Garbage modems. The tech went thru 5-6 modems before he got one to work and that one restarts with no warning. A couple of nights ago it restarted 11 times in a little over a hour. Rogers can't find a problem and don't have a clue!

I think Rogers should be paying me for putting up with this . .

Re: Ignite modem constantly shuts down

I Plan to Stick Around

Sometimes the modem may reboot if the signal goes out of spec but never shut off. Ask Rogers to run a signal test

Re: Ignite modem constantly shuts down

I've Been Here Awhile
Man I've had my internet going out for the past month, every single night, between 9-10pm EDT- Rogers ignite 1Gb package, both the wife and I stream for a living, or at least did... Internet drops every night, light stays solid white on modem, doesn't change, replaced line, modem, tested line, multiple times. Just been getting the run around to whatever area issue they cannot figure out. If you figure anything out be sure to post. I'd love to hear.

Re: Ignite modem constantly shuts down


Do you have any neighbors that you know have rogers as well?
Are you able to ask them if they get the same outage?

I wonder if its something like one of the local nodes, the CMTS, or something going down at that time.

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