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Ignite modem channel box is grayed out

I've been around

I have a 1gb Internet with rogers but all I'm getting is a little over 200mbps download on WIFI. I tried several tweeks to improve my WIFI download speed but didn't help. I logged into the ignite box to try changing the channel but both the Auto and Manual checkboxes are grayed out on both 2.4 and 5G

I did a factory reset of my modem but still can't change the channel/s 

Any idea why? How can I fix this?



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Re: Ignite modem channel box is grayed out

Resident Expert
Resident Expert

@aelzein It's really hard to say what the problem could be without using external tools to analyze the performance of your Wi-Fi network.  There are a number of things that can slow Wi-Fi down.  If you have several active devices on your network with poor Wi-Fi connections, then that will also degrade Wi-Fi performance of a device that is only a few feet away from the gateway.  Each device will also have a theoretical maximum speed that is limited by the capabilities of its Wi-Fi hardware and network device drivers.


I have performed speed tests and measured speeds higher than 700 Mb/s between my MacBook and an XB7 gateway over Wi-Fi, and that was with a 500u Internet service.



As for your Wi-Fi settings getting greyed out, that is typical when the Ignite WiFi Hub is active, especially if you have Ignite WiFi Pods installed.  I have also found that the gateway usually makes sensible channel choices in Auto mode.  However, that is also something that you can confirm with a Wi-Fi analyzer.

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